Marketing Insights

This marketing insights section includes a number of pieces authored by different members of the marketing team led by Matt Flenley

Moving forward this section will incorporate the perspectives and insights into the marketing data world. The team most notablyrecently have begun curating a series of blogs entitled ‘Our Team’, we are excited as this series unfolds and different team members are formally introduced to you all.

The series will make familiar the members of the team and we hope for you, it can clarify who can best solve your inquiry or best answer your question. We also have begun composing pieces surrounding the culture that we have with Datactics, most recently shining a light on the ‘Runners and Riders’ club, a club designed to offer the team members comradery with each other as they embark on their individual personal goal.

We also have been producing content around internally organised events and activities such as the ‘International Breakfast Days’, the employee-led initiative that enabled the team to learn about the various different cultures we have within our team; we are lucky to have over 13! All of this and more will be explored by our avid marketing data communicators that will offer insights from marketing perspective both internally and externally.

New York / Toronto / London / Madrid? Come and meet us!

As usual, the final quarter of the year brings events a-plenty and the chance to meet up. The Datactics team will be spread far and wide, giving you the perfect opportunity to catch us in a nearby city for the latest on our data matching & quality solutions, and probably a fair few Belfast goodies! …

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Health Check from Datactics picks up coverage in Waters Technology

waters tech

Waters Technology has penned an article on the new Datactics LEI Match Engine and “health check” service. The technology can bulk match up to 1,000 LEIs simultaneously through cloud-based processing that cross-references the Global Legal Entity Identifier Foundation’s (GLEIF’s) entity database. Datactics developed the solution over a period of five months, using its underlying software as …

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Ok, data: it’s couch to 5K time


As promised in the first blog on the topic, we’re taking a look at achievable New Year’s resolutions that are within reach, whether you’re a Chief Data Officer overseeing broad strategy or a subject matter expert using data day-to-day, regulations (GDPR Compliance anyone?) are looming. This part takes “I need to exercise more” and turns it into …

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