Bad data can't wait for IT.

Business demands on data are increasing and traditional tools and processes can’t keep up.

Datactics Self-Service Data Quality platform empowers business users to self-serve for high-quality data, saving time, reducing costs and increasing profitability.

Datactics Self-Service Data Quality

Datactics powers self-service data quality for data management professionals.

Increasingly, people without coding or programming experience are needing to get more from their data, without having to re-train or wait for IT teams to provide it, which is easily enabled with Self-Service Data Quality. The ‘data management estate’ requires market-leading specialities at every turn, designed with these business experts in mind.

This is where Datactics adds rapid value to any data strategy programme. Our home-grown self-service software features many hundreds of thousands of person-hours of development in the fundamentals of data quality and matching. We provide fast results, full training and guidance, empowering business users who understand the data to measure, fix and fully leverage their data assets. 

Data Lineage

You will need to understand the nature of data as it flows through your organisation – where it came from, what happens to it, and where it is moving to. We have a strategic partnership with Solidatus in this area, whose capabilities are second to none.

Data Quality

This is the Datactics sweet spot, the basis of our 20+ years of successful data quality management programmes. Profiling, cleansing, matching and measuring data quality in a user-friendly UI with rich dashboarding is a modern-day prerequisite of successful data management. Utilising the data preparation capabilities of our platform helps deliver well-structured, defined data, a must for downstream data management, especially for metadata, definitions and standards that are critical to successful AI implementations.

Data Governance

Cataloguing, assigning policies and overarching roles & responsibilities for data is a fundamental tenet of data management. Data governance need not be the starting point, but it must be included if the data strategy is to succeed.

Self-Service Data Quality underpinned by Datactics technology

Datactics solutions are customisable and built on our award-winning software platform. Contact us to discover how we can accelerate your data quality journey.

Platform features


Drag-and-drop rules studio designed for business users: no programming skill required. Build & test rules, implement business requirements; create, refine and test DQ processes. Ships with pre-built rules logic and definitions making rule building much faster.

Intelligent fuzzy matching

Benefit from fully customisable, configurable matching technology to enable deduplication, cleansing, and enrichment of data from alternative sources. Create a single view across datasets and sources ahead of analytics, reporting and for AI.

automation & scheduling

Run rules; combine, scale and link projects. Automate and schedule production solutions, across multiple data formats e.g. CSV, XML, JSON, XSLX, XLS, etc.​

visualise & fix your data

Native Data Quality Clinic application empowers those who know the data to fix the data through integrations with off-the-shelf visualisation dashboarding software. Assign for review or approval, with full audit trail, finally freeing yourself from Excel hell.

integrate with any data store

In-built connectivity to data lakes, silos and cloud sources, including Azure, Google Cloud Platform and AWS. Deploy on-premise, in public or private cloud, leveraging Active Directory & LDAP to integrate with native user access protocols. ​

ai predictions

Power automations enable rapid access to data systems and stores. Monitor AI algorithms and detail decisions reached with full in-built explainability.

It's easy to engage us on a low-risk, cost-effective Proof of Value:

Pre-planning & Preparation

Go way beyond a simple "Proof of Concept."

We work with you to define the scope, timeframe and budget. We're flexible about how you want to achieve your aims and have many satisfied blue-chip clients who can speak for our capabilities.​

Full deployment on a subset of data

Work with a flexible partner

Specifying a subset, or system, is a rapid way of communicating the criticality of data to your organisation. You'll get a fully-deployable version of our software to demonstrate the value to your business.​

Results in just 6 weeks

Measure & fix in production

We can give you full 'Chief Data Officer' dashboards, the capability to fix your broken data and an end-to-end workflow with automation built-in - in as little as six weeks.​

Win the case for data quality

See data as an asset

We know that frustration with poor data can seem like a never-ending problem. Our self-service data quality platform delivers measurable, trackable improvement in underlying data quality to more than justify the investment you make.

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