Announcing ADQ v1.4

Snowflake connectivity, SQL rule wizard, AI magic wand.


The latest release from Datactics is packed full of data goodness. Read on for more detail, or hit the ‘Get ADQ’ button any time.

Version 1.4 Highlights At A Glance

Snowflake Connectivity

You can now configure a Snowflake connection straight through the ADQ User Interface. This eliminates the need to set this up in the backend.

Bulk Assign Breaks

We've made it possible to assign data quality issues and breaks to data stewards in bulk, saving time in getting data fixed.

Follow the Wand

A new magic wand icon shows you where you can benefit from Datactics Machine Learning in our built-in ADQ features.

SQL Rule Building Wizard

Love SQL? DQ Authors can now build SQL rules straight in ADQ, performing DQ checks in-situ to optimise processing time.

Building New Connections

Version 1.4 makes it easier to get hold of the data you need to measure, report on and improve.

  • Easily import .csv and .xls / .xlsx files in the connectivity wizard
  • Native Snowflake connectivity within the ADQ user interface means no backend configuration required.

Making DQ Simpler

We’ve made several improvements to Data Issues to enhance the data steward user experience by simplifying navigation and more clearly presenting the issues identified by the DQ checks:

  • Our customers said it would be even better if we displayed the state of data issues in a Red-Amber-Green (RAG) colour coding. – so we’ve put it in.
  • There is now a new toggle to easily display ‘allow-listed’ records.
  • Winning and source records can also be simply retrieved via a dropdown.
We’ve also made important updates to deliver support for SAML and OpenID Connect

Additional improvements have been made to provide simpler access to user information in the Datactics Knowledge Base, covering component versioning, deployment instructions and detailed release notes.

Showcasing Better Data

Want to be able to show off more value from your data? Insights has been adapted and developed to provide business-influencing outputs to help showcase return on investment.

  • Insights now runs faster, with optimised information retrieval.
  • Users can now filter results on specific rules, and link directly to the data issues for this rule.

Reducing Human Effort

We’ve automated a significant amount of the heavy lifting involved in identifying attributes and records which may contain errors, thanks to our enhanced AI-powered outlier detection process.

  • Profiling configurations have been extended to include the option to run outlier detection against your data.
  • Easily navigate through results, reviewing outliers detected for each critical data element.
  • Outliers detected can be grouped by outlier type, i.e. the statistical technique used for identifying the outlier, or by the outlier value itself.

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What's Next?

We’re busy at work building the next releases, working closely with our customers to create solutions that help make their data make a difference to their business.

Here are just some of the things you can expect over the next few months…

Generative AI Rules

We're working on a way to leverage GenAI for the creation of SQL rules, saving time and effort.

Enhanced Results Views

More configuration of dashboarding is coming, to help customise and maximise the output from your data quality initiatives.

More Integrations

We're in the process of building more open connectors to support customer requests that we were delighted to accelerate in our Roadmap.

Machine Learning FTW

Data drift and data observability are natural extensions to the ADQ platform. We're also planning AI-powered predictive remediation suggestions.

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