Together we can make data quality make a difference.

Partnering with Datactics makes the most of our shared skills and technology to deliver excellent business value.

Whether it’s integrating with our open-architecture platform, or leveraging our data quality and matching capabilities in your digital transformation programme, we offer award-winning technology and a strong track record of customer delivery.


Meet our Partners

Datactics & Solidatus partnership gives a unique opportunity to present data quality in a lineage friendly format for two main use cases.

1. Immediate visual impact analysis – does it impact a regulatory report (prioritisation).

2. Visual trace of a DQ issue – significant time and cost reduction in root cause analysis.

Alation pioneered the modern data catalog and is now leading its evolution into a platform for data intelligence.

More than 40% of all Fortune 100 companies have embraced Alation’s data catalog as a central hub for data-driven innovation.

Ortecha is a specialist data consultancy and top EDM Council partner, dedicated to addressing the technological, organisational and cultural aspects of data. They enjoy delivering practical improvements that enable companies to be not just compliant, but competitive in a quickly evolving business landscape.

The EDM Council is the member-driven trade association dedicated to elevating data management and analytics as a strategic business priority. Founded in 2005, the Council provides best practices, standards and education to data and business professionals in our data-driven world.

Part of Accenture, Mudano is a data consultancy focused on innovation and change, incorporating data, machine learning and analytics alongside a strong behavioural science and visual design capability to provide lasting value.

A leading management consulting and solutions provider committed to modernsing data, data management and analytics within financial services.

How to partner with us

Technical Partners

Work with us to provide joint technical solutions requiring integration of our respective product offerings. You could be operating as a System Integrator or any other organisation providing complementary Master Data Management solutions with which the Datactics product suite integrates.

Services Partners

If you are providing services associated with a transformation programme, Self-Service Data Quality is a fantastic choice for delivering high quality data. The services involved in implementing Datactics’ DQ solution fall into three main areas:

  1. Proof of Concept
  2. Product Implementation
  3. Ongoing Support & Training. 

Our Services Partners tend to be involved with one or more of these areas.

Referral Partners

If you have opportunities in your region or industry where you believe the no-code data quality and matching capabilities of Datactics would be a good fit, you could be eligible to become a referral partner.

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What makes Datactics a great partner?

We pride ourselves on being customer focused and delivering the highest level of customer care. This philosophy extends to all of our partners; we believe collaboration and transparency are key to an enduring partnership. We often partner with consultancy firms to deliver wraparound services as part of a broader program of work and offer a fully interoperable, cloud enabled platform to integrate seamlessly with other providers in the data management value chain. 

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With Snowflake connectivity, SQL rule wizard and the ability to bulk assign data quality breaks, ADQ 1.4 makes end-to-end data quality management even easier.