Introducing SSDQ: Centralise and standardise data quality processes without programming or coding


What does the self-service data quality (SSDQ) platform do?  

It empowers data owners and SMEs to measure and maintain data quality themselves in line with governance policies.  SSDQ is already adding value at multiple investment and retail banks, wealth managers, and data vendors helping them to: 

  • Achieve end-to-end holistic data quality management  
  • Measure data against industry-standard dimensions and regulations  
  • Empower data stewards / subject matter experts to remediate data  

How can SSDQ help?  

SSDQ connects to source systems and data repositories, measures the quality of the information, and automatically reports on the health of underlying data to data owners via interactive data quality dashboards. The platform’s Data Quality Clinic function offers business users the opportunity to explore the root cause of data quality breaks, make decisions, or fix records themselves. The system is powerful enough to enable business users and SMEs to perform complex data operations without highly skilled technical assistance from IT. It is also flexible and open, designed to integrate easily with existing data infrastructure, and agile enough to quickly onboard new data sets and meet changing data quality demands.  

Is the platform hard to learn how to use? 

SSDQ has been built with the non-technical business user in mind. We provide full training alongside our consultancy services so that, within a matter of weeks, we are confident that we can help you to become fully self-sufficient in rule building, creating workflows and automations and fixing your broken data.  

What are the features?  

  • Out of the box rules & configuration logic  
  • Built-in connectivity to multiple data sources 
  • Interactive data quality dashboards built in off-the shelf tools such as PowerBI, Tableau, and Qlik 
  • Integrated data remediation 
  • Machine learning augmented recommendations on data matches  
  • Data access controls so that the right people see the data they are supposed to see  
  • Audit trails, assigning and tracking performance of rule break remediation over time 

What are the benefits of the SSDQ platform?  

SSDQ provides users with large numbers of data domain-specific rules that have been proven at many firms.  

  • Plug & Play options (e.g. REST API, ODBC/JDBC, File system, Cloud…) means you can rapidly add new data sources  
  • Easily drill-down from high-level statistics to actual failing data points in off-the-shelf visualisation tools, and publish statistics to governance systems  
  • Empower business users to fix identified data quality breaks themselves – so that those who know the data can fix the data 
  • Reduce and streamline the process of manually remediating data 
  • Audit trail of changes to data provides the ability to understand who did what, when, and why.  
  • Data owners no longer have to wait for IT to prioritise their data quality rule request alongside countless other IT tickets.  
  • Chief Data Officers, Heads of Data and other senior data leaders can gain rapid insights into the underlying health of their data, as well as a track record over time, improving the quality of information they report and can use for business purposes 

Who is the platform for?  

The self-service data quality platform is particularly helpful for Chief Data Officers, Head of Data roles, Data Governance leads, and Data Stewards. The platform is designed to empower those who know the data to manage and fix the data.  

To have a conversation about how the self-service data quality platform can help you to manage your data, contact our Head of Sales, Kieran Seaward today.   

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Get ADQ 1.4 today!

With Snowflake connectivity, SQL rule wizard and the ability to bulk assign data quality breaks, ADQ 1.4 makes end-to-end data quality management even easier.