Good Data Culture

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Good Data Culture – Facing Down Practical Challenges of a Data Management Programme

30 July 2020

  “Nobody said it was easy” sang Chris Martin, in Coldplay’s love song from a scientist to the girl he was neglecting. The same could be said of data scientists embarking on a data management programme!     In his previous blog on Good Data Culture, our Head of Client Services, Luca Rovesti, discussed taking …Read More

Good Data Culture – The Road To Data Maturity

23 April 2020

The Road to Data Maturity – Many data leaders know that the utopia of having all their data perfect and ready to use is frequently like the next high peak on a never-ending hike, always just that little bit out of reach. Luca Rovesti, Head of Client Services for Datactics, hears this all the time …Read More

Run (E)DMC

21 February 2019

Towards the end of 2018, Presales Manager Luca Rovesti was invited to speak at the Enterprise Data Management Council (EDMC)’s expanded Member Briefing sessions. We took some time to catch up over an espresso in a caffè around the corner from his swanky new Presales Office in Milan (ok, it was over email) and asked …Read More

Who are you really doing business with?

4 January 2019

Match Engine for Customer Onboarding. Challenges and facts from EU banking implementations.    Customer onboarding is one of the most critical entry points of new data for a bank’s counterparty information. References and interactions with internal systems, externally sourced information, KYC processes, regulatory reporting and risk aggregation are all impacted by the quality of information …Read More