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Reflections: IRMAC with Dr. Fiona Browne

7 September 2020

  There is a lot of anticipation surrounding Artificial Intelligence (Al) and Machine Learning (ML) in the media. Alongside the anticipation is speculation – including many articles placing fear into people by inferring that AI and ML will replace our jobs and automate our entire lives! Dr Fiona Browne, Head of AI at Datactics recently spoke at an IRMAC …Read More

CTO Vision – The 3 Pillars of Successful Production AI

4 September 2020

    Recent incidents involving AI algorithms have hit the headlines, leading many to question their worth. In this article, CTO Alex Brown argues that the future for AI is bright when the right approach is made to implementing AI in production.        As countless data scientists will know, many AI projects fail to make the crucial transition from experiment to …Read More

Meet Keaton Sullivan, PhD Student

28 August 2020

    Keaton Sullivan is a PhD student in the AI Team who joined us just over three weeks ago. He’s been contributing to projects and making a considerable mark on the AI Team already! We thought we would grab him for a chat to find out how he has found working in the team …Read More

Meet Dr Fiona Browne

24 August 2020

    You may be used to seeing Dr Browne (Head of AI) across our social channels, so we thought we would sit down with her and discuss, how she got into AI; what motivates her and her passion for technology. Let’s dive straight in…      Fiona, just to begin with, tell us a bit about your background…  I started my career by studying a BSc (Hons) …Read More

Meet the AI Interns: Matt Neill

14 August 2020

    Matt Neill is an intern within the AI team and is now on Week 10 of his internship. He has been actively using his Data Science education background to put his stamp on the AI team. We thought we would grab him for a chat to unpack what he has been working on; how …Read More

Meet the AI Interns: Mary Clare O’Donnell

13 August 2020

    Mary Clare is an intern within the AI Team, she joined us in July and already has been contributing to projects and making her stamp within the AI Team. We thought we would grab her for a chat to find out how she has found her internship so far; what she has been …Read More

AI Whitepaper – AI-Enabled Data Quality

10 June 2020

      In this paper, authored by our Head of AI Fiona Browne, we provide an overview of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) and their application to Data Quality.   We highlight how tools in the Datactics platform can be used for key data preparation tasks including cleansing, feature engineering and dataset labelling …Read More

Practical AI – Dataset Labelling for Entity Resolution & Beyond with Dr. Fiona Browne

5 June 2020

      In late 2019 our Head of AI, Dr Fiona Browne, delivered a series of talks to the Enterprise Data Management Council on AI-Enabled Data Quality in the context of AML operations, specifically for resolving differences in legal entity data. In this blog post, her colleague Dr Raghad Al-Shabandar goes under the hood …Read More

Practical AI – Explainable AI with Dr. Fiona Browne

26 May 2020

  The AI team at Datactics is building explainability from the ground up and demonstrating the “why and how” behind predictive models for client projects. Matt Flenley prepared to open his brains to a rapid education session from Dr Fiona Browne, Dr Raghad Al-Shabandr and Kaixi Yang.   One of the most hotly debated tech …Read More

Practical AI – AI Ethics with Dr Raghad Al-Shabandr

14 May 2020

AI Ethics Raghad Al-Shabandr is one third of Datactics’ all-female AI team, with a PhD in Machine Learning from Liverpool John Moores University. In this blog, Matt Flenley sat down with Raghad on the subject of AI Ethics; to ask her to go into more detail on some questions that need to be answered to …Read More