Preparing Your Data for AI: Register for our webinar with BigID

The impact of Large Language Models (LLMs) cannot be overstated.

In just twelve months, the use of generative AI in everyday life has become commonplace, with GPT-aided processes embedded in apps and websites enhancing and augmenting everything from school essays to startup pitch decks.

In their respective roles as Chief Data Officer at BigID, and Chief Technology Officer at Datactics, Peggy Tsai and Fiona Browne are passionate advocates for the responsible adoption of AI practices. Revisit this  conversational webinar from December 12th 2023 to learn:

  • The current state of play in LLMs and GPTs – and why data readiness isn’t simply a given
  • Why data quality, data privacy and data governance are critical to successful LLM integration
  • The questions to ask to ensure ethics, bias and fairness are central in LLM deployment

If you are already using LLMs, or considering them in your role or organisation, this webinar will be crucial in shaping your approach.

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