What is Self-Service Data Governance?


Self Service Data Governance (SSDG) is an enterprise-wide initiative incorporating data disciplines such as  data lineage, data quality and data analytics. The purpose of SSDG is to empower business users to access and make sense of their data, without relying on IT departments.

What is self service data governance

For users without a high level of technical fluency or expertise, SSDG simplifies the process of accessing and drawing meaningful insights from an organisation’s data. The agility of business users to self-serve their data needs has organizational benefits, as less time and money is spent liaising between departments and greater trust in the data governance process can be nurtured; SDG enables business users to independently access the data they need without compromising on the existing processes and platforms in place for ensuring responsible data access. By taking a holistic approach to data governance, data stewards are given greater autonomy to work with the data they need, when they need it.

Generally, a “data fabric” of own-built technologies alongside off-the-shelf solutions will be required to deliver true Self-Service Data Governance. Much of the work will need to be role- and user-focused to empower business teams to play an active role in enterprise data governance in this manner.

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