The Beat Goes On

We have had a big week here in Datactics as we welcomed not 1 but 3 new members of staff working from home (WFH) with all the fun that has brought, making sure everything was set up on time and that the remote welcome was just as warm as if we were together in the office.

It’s been an interesting experience for all and thanks to some logistics issues one that continues into next week 😊

To get the new employees in and WFH we have again leveraged our Office 365 and AWS instances. Using the WebApps from Office 365 and Workspaces from AWS the new employees have been able to complete their inductions and get started on the necessary training. All the tech has worked which is great and I have heard good reports about how they have been performing.

Daveops wfh

Other issues encountered and overcome in week 2 have ranged from WiFi/Internet connectivity to an increase in email spam and phishing attacks. This week alone we have seen over a 40% increase in the number of email attacks being caught in our filters. My thanks to the quick-acting staff for catching the ones they did and for the good set-up filters catching the rest. A few tweaks made and hopefully, things will settle down next week.

I would encourage everyone to make sure that staff are aware of the increase in attacks and to make sure everyone is being vigilant. Outside of that, we continue to see an increase across services like VPN, Teams and Slack. To get a more accurate look at what exactly that looks like I have started to play around with MS Power BI so more on that to come.

The social side of the company has also continued (thanks to the committee) with the start of a Slack Chess Tournament, Virtual Coffee Mornings and this evening it is planned that we will all take part in a table quiz.

Daveops WFH

All of this is helping to keep company spirits up during these strange times. I look forward to seeing what they come up with next. Perhaps they will even choose a game that I know how to play!

Daveops WFH

For me, it’s been a busy week so even though the weekend will be another in isolation it will be welcomed.

Daveops WFH

As you can see from the pics I am still managing to get out for walks and cycles (all local mind you) so hopefully, a few more during the weekend will set me up nicely for WFH week 3.

Stay safe and well everyone.


PS – Did anyone notice the new additions to the home office? (sadly the dog is not mine – That’s Molly, she is WFH as well)

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