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DaveOps – Expect the unexpected #UserSupport

29 July 2020

    Expect the Unexpected #UserSupport   I’m finally getting around to doing another blog and here we are just past the end of week 18 and midway through week 19 since the start of lockdown and the “new normal” can you believe it?   In some ways, it seems so long ago since those …Read More

DaveOps – There Is More To The Cable – Working From Home Weeks 11 – 13

19 June 2020

    There is more to the cable than meets the eye   Back again after a 3-week break to give a quick round-up on what’s been going on at Datactics through weeks 11-13.   We continue to plan for a return to the office getting things ready and in my team, we are taking …Read More

DaveOps – Great Office Escape – Working From Home Weeks 9 & 10

29 May 2020

        Well, here we are at the end of week #10! Can you believe it? 10 weeks since all this (madness) started. There has been a lot of adjusting, new learning, new ways of working and now as the talk starts of a return to normality you have to wonder how much …Read More

DaveOps – The Old Ones – Working From Home Weeks 7 & 8

15 May 2020

    Jumpcloud So, what have we been up to? Well, I am happy to report that things have continued to go well with only a few hiccups. I have been continuing to play around with Powershell/Jumpcloud to interrogate our JumpCloud LDAP, learning about Commvault’s new features and putting out fires including a couple of …Read More

DaveOps – Mixed Results – Working From Home Week 6

1 May 2020

    It didn’t work. Why? Wait, it did work. Why?  Another week in lockdown, another week of highs, lows and everything in between. How have you all fared? Its had to believe that we have today entered a new month, April even in lockdown seemed to fly by. I wonder what May will bring? …Read More

DaveOps – No Fault Found – Working From Home Week 5

24 April 2020

WOW! Week #5. Can you believe it? In some ways it seems much longer and yet in others it feels like the 5 weeks have flown by. As I have alluded to in these updates, things have still been moving at a hectic pace here, so perhaps being busy is the key to making the …Read More

DaveOps – Gotta Keep on Keeping on – Working From Home Week 3 & 4

17 April 2020

Did the public holidays catch anyone else by surprise either last week or this? I have to admit to that I am afraid and I also admit to the prospect of 2 days off not being met with joy due to the lockdown. Anyway, they have been and gone and here we are now at …Read More

DaveOps – The Beat Goes On – Working From Home Week 2

3 April 2020

We have had a big week here in Datactics as we welcomed not 1 but 3 new members of staff working from home with all the fun that has brought, making sure everything was set up on time and that the remote welcome was just as warm as if we were together in the office. …Read More

DaveOps – Working From Home – Week 1 #Done

27 March 2020

Like most, here at Datactics we are just finishing up our first full week of ‘Working from home’. In line with government advice, we made the decision to close our office in Belfast and to port the entire workforce over to WFH last weekend. As the guy in charge of making sure everything worked as …Read More