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CTO Vision – The 3 Pillars of Successful Production AI

4 September 2020

    Recent incidents involving AI algorithms have hit the headlines, leading many to question their worth. In this article, CTO Alex Brown argues that the future for AI is bright when the right approach is made to implementing AI in production.        As countless data scientists will know, many AI projects fail to make the crucial transition from experiment to …Read More

CTO Vision – No-code & lo-code: a lighter way to enjoy tech?

12 June 2020

      It might be the fact that home working = greater access to the chocolate supplies, but in this article with Datactics CTO Alex Brown, Matt Flenley asks about the nature of no-code and lo-code platforms like Datactics’ Self-Service Data Quality, and whether they really are a lighter way to enjoy chocolate? Technology, I mean technology.  …Read More

CTO Vision – Beyond Data Prep – Whitepaper SSDQ

23 April 2020

  Whitepaper SSDQ – As featured in the recent A-Team webinar, we’ve been strong advocates of a self-service approach to data quality (SSDQ), especially when it comes to regulated data types and wide-ranging demands on a firm’s data assets. This whitepaper, authored by our CTO Alex Brown, goes deeper into the reasons why this approach is …Read More

Webinar – Best Practices For Creating A Data Quality Framework

8 April 2020

  Chief Technology Officer, Alex Brown featured as a panellist in Data Management Insight’s webinar discussing the best practices for creating a data quality framework within your organisation.      What’s the problem? A-Team Insight outlines that: “Bad data affects time, cost, customer service, cripples decision making and reduces firms’ ability to comply with regulations. …Read More

Why you should read the European Banking Authority report on AI and Big Data

13 February 2020

    You might have missed this highly informative report from the European Banking Authority (EBA)  – because the title didn’t contain the popular buzzwords of Artificial Intelligence – AI or Machine Learning – ML (nor does the front cover have a picture of a robot!). But for anyone who is trying to understand the challenges ahead for …Read More

How Datactics helps Santa with his Data Quality Issues

19 December 2019

  Yes, of course, Santa has data quality issues! Everyone has data quality issues. In this article, we outline how Datactics software can help Santa improve the efficiency of his pre-Christmas operations and have a stress free Christmas Eve delivery and a relaxing Christmas Day.   Data Quality Firewall, REST API, Data Quality Remediation Datactics …Read More