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CTO Vision – No-code & lo-code: a lighter way to enjoy tech?

12 June 2020

      It might be the fact that home working = greater access to the chocolate supplies, but in this article with Datactics CTO Alex Brown, Matt Flenley asks about the nature of no-code and lo-code platforms like Datactics’ Self-Service Data Quality, and whether they really are a lighter way to enjoy chocolate? Technology, I mean technology.  …Read More

CTO Vision – Beyond Data Prep – Whitepaper SSDQ

23 April 2020

  Whitepaper SSDQ – As featured in the recent A-Team webinar, we’ve been strong advocates of a self-service approach to data quality (SSDQ), especially when it comes to regulated data types and wide-ranging demands on a firm’s data assets. This whitepaper, authored by our CTO Alex Brown, goes deeper into the reasons why this approach is …Read More

Webinar – Best Practices For Creating A Data Quality Framework

8 April 2020

  Chief Technology Officer, Alex Brown featured as a panellist in Data Management Insight’s webinar discussing the best practices for creating a data quality framework within your organisation.      What’s the problem? A-Team Insight outlines that: “Bad data affects time, cost, customer service, cripples decision making and reduces firms’ ability to comply with regulations. …Read More