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adq in three minutes part one: augmented data quality process from datactics - connect to data, profile data, leverage AI rule suggestion, configure controls.
adq in three minutes part 2:
measure data health; get alerts and remediations; generate AI powered insights, and work towards a return on investment.

Wherever you are on your data journey, we have the expertise, the tooling and the guidance to help accelerate your data quality initiatives. From connecting to data sources, through rule building, measuring and into improving the quality of data your business relies on, let ADQ be your trusted partner.

If you would like to read some customer stories of how we’ve already achieved this, head on over to our Resources page where you’ll find a wide range of customer case studies, white papers, blogs and testimonials.

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Get ADQ 1.4 today!

With Snowflake connectivity, SQL rule wizard and the ability to bulk assign data quality breaks, ADQ 1.4 makes end-to-end data quality management even easier.