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Our Data Management Consultants can augment your team to accelerate the delivery of your strategic objectives. With competitive daily rates for a range of specialisms, including data preparation, profiling, cleansing, migration, remediation, data quality management and BI / dashboarding, let Datactics help to deliver your next data management programme.

How Data Quality Tools Deliver Clean Data for AI and Machine Learning

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Data Management Consultants

Got something to sort, and fast? Need to get your data cleaned urgently?

Benefit from a Datactics Data Management Consultant to build rules, clean data and implement a short-term configuration to help you overcome immedate data quality issues with no need to make a longer-term commitment.

Data Management Consultants Medium Term

If you’ve a bit more time to work together, why not work with one or more Datactics consultants?

We can help to implement clean data pipelines, dashboarding and remediation workflows to aid a Digital Transformation or Cloud Data Migration project (for example)? We can augment your team with the know-how and tooling to help you get up and running with production DQ.

Data Management Consultants

We know data leaders need to make a strategic difference in how their businesses use and monetise data.

Secure one or more Datactics consultants to aid in the delivery of a strategic Data Governance initiative, leaning on Datactics’ proven self-service data quality methodology to provide insights and interoperability with Governance, Lineage and Master Data Management tooling.

Make a difference with Datactics

Data Profiling

Data Profiling

Discover what you're working with. Quickly understand the health of the data you're relying on to make business critical decisions. Leverage suggested rules based on what's in the data, and remove the mystery.

Data Cleansing & Deduplication

Data Cleansing & Deduplication

Create a genuine single version of the truth through augmenting and removing duplicates from data. Provide clean, healthy data (and associated data quality metrics) into data pipelines and throughout your business.

Data Migration

Data Migration

Nobody wants to bring over garbage into their shiny new system. Make sure your data is fit for current and future purpose by matching it to the standards you want to keep. Digital transformation relies on healthy data, so let's start you off on the right foot.

Data Remediation

Data Remediation

The thorny issue of fixing data is often overlooked by data quality vendors. Not so with Datactics. Federate data quality repairs to data subject matter experts with full oversight over fixes and proposed amendments. Automate or bulk-fix data elements failing common rules.

DQ Insights Hub

DQ Insights Hub

Augment data quality with AI and machine learning with insights and predictions into data health. Reduce manual effort in reviewing data while maintaining transparency about how decisions are made through explainable AI techniques. Learn why breaks happen and what you can do to prevent them.

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With Snowflake connectivity, SQL rule wizard and the ability to bulk assign data quality breaks, ADQ 1.4 makes end-to-end data quality management even easier.