About Us

About Datactics

At Datactics we bring order and control to the chaotic data landscape for global banks, data vendors, and a wide range of firms operating in the financial sector.

Our suite of software tools are praised for their cutting-edge capabilities and end-user friendliness, thanks to their open architecture, process automation, and flexibility at handling an extremely wide range of data types, including individuals, entity, reference, and instruments. They are easily configurable to different challenges, rules or regulations, making any Datactics deployment extremely fast and low-maintenance.

The applications are practically limitless: our clients use these tools to achieve compliance with stringent financial regulations including BCBS 239, MiFID II and FSCS; to validate entities, instruments and individuals for Know Your Customer / AML and Master Data Management; to undertake targeted data mapping or matching exercises; and to implement continuous data quality measurement and improvement at a department or enterprise level.

Every implementation comes with the benefit of our development work in this environment, including many hundreds of rules pre-built, and full support from Datactics data engineers. We provide our services to fit our clients’ businesses, whether that’s entirely client-managed or maintained on a consultancy basis by our engineering team. This is just one reason why Datactics clients stated that they are the most satisfied in a recent industry survey; to join them, drop us a line and we’ll meet up.

Meet the Team


Our leaders and board have significant experience in financial data, banking and finance, and growing technologically advanced companies. They have helped nurture Datactics into a thriving and vibrant partner to our clients. We are proud that we recruit and retain talented staff from across Europe and a variety of backgrounds, and that we foster an environment of continuous learning and development.

Stuart Harvey


Mick Foster


Software Development

Pioneering our award-winning software applications, our Developers are constantly seeking ways to improve what we deliver to banks, information vendors and others worldwide. Researching new methodologies, platforms and automated testing methods, the team keeps Datactics ahead of the curve in the very latest technologies.

Martin Downey

Head of Development

Dr. Jens Rasch

Founder & Solutions Architect

Donna Loughery


Colin Chambers


Data Engineering

Responsible for tailoring our tools to client needs, our experienced Data Engineers frequently travel throughout Europe and beyond to work with clients on their projects. Highly capable, growing all the time, our Engineers are highly sought-after!

Josh Piper

Head of Data Engineering

Sean McConnell

Senior Data Engineer

Ruta Ziukaite

Senior Data Engineer

James McGrath

Data Engineer

Shauna Leonard

Data Engineer

Mattias Nilsson

Data Engineer

Melinda Hornyák

Data Engineer

Daire McCotter

Data Engineer

Patrick Donnelly

Data Engineer


With a foot in multiple camps – programming, development, data engineering and financial regulation – our Presales team pioneers spin-off applications of our technology arising from consultancy work with clients. They lead our information gathering approaches, keeping an ear to the ground across capital markets, financial services and technological innovation.

Alex Brown

Presales Manager

Luca Rovesti

Presales Manager

Lorenzo Veronica

Data Scientist

Sales & Marketing

Responding to customer demand, identifying opportunities to support institutions increasingly reliant on perfected data – this is where you can find our Sales team. Sitting alongside them, and tirelessly relaying the message of Datactics to the outside world, our Marketing team is so much more than twitter, honest.

Kieran Seaward

Head of Sales

Kieran Buchanan

Business Development Executive

Matt Flenley

Marketing Manager

Tony Brüser

Web Developer

Board & Administration

No business would be complete without support from experienced business administrators and seasoned advice from its board – and Datactics is no different. We love to learn from those who have been there and made a difference, and that’s certainly true with our board.

Graham Paterson


Allen Martin

Board Member

Neil Simms

Board Member

Helen Long

Finance Manager

Elspeth Flenley

HR & Corporate Communications Manager