Transform your data with ADQ


ADQ is our AI-powered data quality solution that enhances accuracy, minimizes administrative tasks, and unleashes the full potential of your data.

Our Solutions

Datactics specializes in no-code, end-to-end data quality management.

Through automation, our solutions detect and correct data quality issues, saving you valuable time and money.

Data Profiling

Easily extract data from multiple sources, automatically apply suggested, pre-built data quality rules and quickly identify potential anomalies within your data. 

screenshot showing AI-suggested data quality rules in Datactics ADQ
Data Monitoring

Data Monitoring

Easily identify and monitor DQ issues across datasets via dashboarding tools, such as PowerBI.

Data Matching

Data quality and data matching go hand in hand. Using our low-code drag and drop interface, perform powerful matching and fuzzy matching across datasets. 

Data Remediation

Easily fix broken records in our Data Quality Clinic. Bulk assign breaks, understand the root causes and gain predictive insights to prevent future issues.

AI/ML Features

By integrating data quality with AI and Machine Learning, the Datactics Augmented Data Quality platform offers a seamless experience that saves time, reduces risk, and boosts business revenue.


Rule Suggestion

For non-technical users, pre-existing out-of-the-box rules  can be automatically suggested to the author via the ML rule suggestion.

Outlier Detection

ML Outlier Detection automates the heavy-lifting of identifying outliers in your dataset, reducing manual effort and quickly pinpointing potential errors for investigation.

Advanced Insights

The Advanced Insights tab helps data stewards perform root cause analysis of recurring issues at a record level by analyzing time series data. It identifies patterns and predicts future data quality check failures, enabling proactive management of data quality.


Seamless integration with the Modern Data Stack

Who can use ADQ?

Our solution is designed for all data professionals and allows non-technical business users to easily measure, monitor and manage the data quality across their various data domains.

Data Quality Admins

ADQ makes it easy for admins to implement and maintain DQ controls. Create and automate workflows, integrate with various platforms via REST API, and manage data source connections for data quality checks.

Data Engineers

With its easy SQL rule building wizard, ML rule suggestion, and a low-code interface for advanced data matching, ADQ simplifies rule creation for data engineers. Once deployed, rule results appear in the DQ metrics tab, and failed records are highlighted for remediation.

Data Stewards

Data stewards can easily monitor and analyze data quality within the Insights Hub and quickly manage data issues via the bulk remediation feature. Leverage advanced insights for root cause analysis and proactive data quality management.

Recognized by Gartner

We’re recognized in the 2024 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Data Quality Solutions. Gain complimentary access to the report below. 

"Through 2025, 30% of generative AI projects will be abandoned after proof of concept (POC) due to poor data quality, inadequate risk controls, escalating costs or unclear business value."


Any AI model is only as good as the data that it’s trained on. Get AI-ready with our Augmented Data Quality solution, putting responsible AI at the forefront with human-in-the-loop technology. 

Our services

Datactics offers class-leading professional services, tailored to your specific requirements.

Turbocharge Your Data Strategy With Support From Datactics Catalyst​

Get your data management strategy off the ground quickly and efficiently with Datactics Catalyst. Our certified practitioners work with your data teams to deliver fast results that align with your business goals.

Create Something New Built On Our Technology With Datactics Labs​

Leverage Datactics Labs’ R&D expertise to create custom data quality and matching solutions tailored to your business. Develop unique data management platforms with our flexible technology and pricing options designed to fit your needs

Find out what ADQ can do


We are data agnostic, meaning our solution can be used on any data source.

We offer full flexibility over deployment and architecture. We deploy on premises (physical or virtual machines) or on cloud (public or private).

We offer flexible deployment options to best suit your needs. Typical deployment of our platform can be completed in 1-2 days, depending on preference. Below are three options for deployment:

  • Leave the deployment to the Datactics professional services team.
  • Choose to follow the deployment guides to deploy it yourself.
  • Choose a guided installation where Datactics professional services assist while you take the lead.

Datactics is designed to be user-friendly, supporting non-technical users while offering powerful tools for data specialists. Our no-code interface makes it easy for data admins, data engineers and business users to keep track and gain valuable insights into their data quality. 

Datactics has the ability to integrate with vendor data integration tools such as Talend and Informatica via configurable REST API.

Datactics has strong ETL capabilities that can be applied to the ingested data. These include cleansing, parsing, validation, format handling and very sophisticated matching.

Datactics, while not a lineage tool itself, offers seamless integration capabilities with leading third-party data lineage solutions. Through these integrations, users can harness the power of lineage to perform rapid root cause analysis of data quality issues and impact assessment of remediation strategies.