Vulnerable Persons Register

The Problems

Government agencies and local authorities need to provide an accurate and up to date register of vulnerable people to the emergency services in case of local disasters like fire flood. However producing and maintaining such a list is difficult since:

  • Names & addresses  of vulnerable people in multiple databases (charities, care homes etc)
  • Names and address data in different formats
  • Disability & impairment details in different formats
  • Urgency in producing reports


Our Solution

Datactics’ flexible data quality solutions can normalize, cleanse and consolidate citizen data into one database, quickly and with ease.  The intuitive GUI allows data analysts to create powerful regular expression and fuzzy matching solutions to merge datasets.


Automate and manage loading and standardization of large volumes of citizen data

Consolidate data from different sources – databases, files, Web APIs

Quickly match 1000,000s rows of citizen data with 100,000’s rows of vulnerable persons data

Validate addresses against Post Code Address file (PAF)

Parse & match data with regular expressions & fuzzy matching without programming

Integrated workflows delegate low confidence matches for specialist review


The Benefits

Produce address verified vulnerable persons list on demand in minute

Reduce manual process, thereby reducing cost and improving accuracy

Release personnel resources for other key supply chain management projects

Complete product based solution that can be managed without the involvement the IT department



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Case Studies

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