Trade Repository

The Problems

Tighter regulation of derivatives trading has led to the emergence of Trade Repositories to provide transparency into OTC derivatives trading.  Fulfilment of regulatory reporting obligations such as EMIR, MiFID and Dodd Frank is dependent overcoming the following data challenges:

High fidelity of data

High quality matching of trades to counterparties

Matching & augmentation of entities with standard entity identifiers

Matching cleansing 100’s millions of rows of data


Our Solution

Datactics provides continuous data quality metrics on trade & counterparty reference data fields. Powerful in-memory fuzzy matching and de-duplication technology can automatically identify errors and enhance data with augmentation.

Manage ETL operations (e.g. import & normalization) on trade data from a single hub

Out of the box rules for validation of identifiers: CUSIP, SEDOL, ISIN, FIGI, LEI etc

Powerful fuzzy matching of counterparty to LEI

Powerful fuzzy matching of OTC derivatives to underlying ISIN

On demand data quality metrics for visualization in popular BI tools like Qlik.

Easily validate and match hundreds of millions of records


The Benefits

Easy integration existing databases and ETL processes

Solution is owned by your data experts without the need for software development resources

Future Proof – Our GUI lets you easily import trade and counterparty data from new sources & validate new fields


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