Supplier and Customer Screening

The Problems

Screening third party organizations against government published blacklists for KYC, AML or health and safety checks is becoming more important being driven by regulatory obligations.

Manual screening of high volumes of scattered vendor data is time consuming and poor quality data distributed over multiple sources can make it virtually impossible to match the data with lists of providers currently blacklisted by government authorities.


Our Solution

Datactics’ flexible data quality solutions normalize, cleanse and consolidate vendor and client data into one database, quickly and with ease. Powerful regular expression and fuzzy matching technology provide high confidence screening with complete transparency.

Automate screening of large volumes of vendor & client data

Consolidate & normalize data from different sources

Parse & match data with regular expressions & fuzzy matching without programming

Integrated workflows delegate low confidence matches for specialist review


The Benefits

Protect the organization from being financially penalized for non-compliance with regulations

Access vendor data quickly and with ease for reporting and monitoring purposes

Reduce manual process, thereby reducing cost and improving accuracy

Release personnel resources for other key supply chain management projects

Complete product based solution that can be managed by the data owner without the involvement the IT department


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Case Studies

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