Single Customer View

The Problems

Achieving Single Customer View (SCV) is increasingly important, being driven by

  • Maximizing revenue from existing clients
  • Gaining insights into client behaviour
  • Deposit Guarantee Scheme regulation (FSCS in the UK and European / International equivalents)
  • Data protection regulation (e.g. GDPR, NISD)

However at the same time, achieving SCV is increasingly more difficult, due to the technical hurdles that organizations must overcome:

Data can be in disparate silos, in different formats & contain free-form data;  Data is often duplicated within silos & across silos; There are huge volumes of data; The existing data needs to be enhanced to add value or to simply make fit for purpose.

Our Solution


✓ Consolidate Data from Disparate Silos

Datactics DQM  provides  a central management hub from where you can import data from flat files, ODBC  databases, web service APIs and more. Data can be loaded at will, scheduled for one off or reoccurring execution or initiated by triggers, like the presence of a file on an FTP  site. Comprehensive status logging and email alerts can be configured, so you can be sure of the system integrity at every stage of the process.

✓ Standardize Data in Different Formats

Datactics FlowDesigner is a powerful application to re-engineer data. It can easily parse unstructured free-form data to produce standardized records. FlowDesigner ships with built-in rules for accurately locating and extracting names, address attributes, dates, email addresses, phone numbers and more. All this is possible via an intuitive drag-and-drop GUI without the need for specialist programming skills.

✓ De-duplicate Data

FlowDesigner’s powerful and configurable fuzzy matching and regular expression match technology can readily identify duplicate records and merge data with high confidence. You have complete visibility and control over how records are matched, with built-in scoring and result profiling providing the metrics to rate the success of each operation.

✓ Process Large Volumes of Data

FlowDesigner and DQM are at home with Big Data. Want to match 100’s millions of client data against millions of reference records? No problem.

✓ Enhance Data

Validate and fill missing fields by easily augmenting with 3rd party and open data sets e.g. Post Code Address File (PAF), Companies House, Open Corporates etc.

✓ Achieve Regulatory Compliance

Our SCV solution provides visibility into lineage  of data fields in SCV master records; and powerful fuzzy matching and predefined match lists (“known knowns”) allow reliable implementation of Right to be Forgotten exceptions (especially relevant under GDPR).


The Benefits

Efficient CRM

Improved customer service

Better customer insights

Reduced marketing costs

More successful marketing campaigns

Regulatory compliance

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Case Studies

Read more about how Datactics helped our customers achieve regulatory compliance through SCV or click here to visit our Download Centre for our Solution Summary Sheet.