Sanctions Match Engine

Free cloud-based fuzzy matching service powered by Datactics Match Engine technology.

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Despite recent technological advancements in big data technology, the area of AML screening remains largely manual, with analysts needing to scan through large lists of often poor-quality data to alert downstream KYC and transaction monitoring functions. This does not help mitigate the significant risks and exposure to bad actors currently experienced by firms needing to provide differentiated services to their clients, and can lead to backlogs of data to be checked in day-to-day processing, or validated through large-scale remediation projects.

Features of Sanctions Match Engine

  • Leverages Datactics’ >10 years’ experience in standardisation & matching of people data
  • Removes nuances around data inaccuracies; multiple alphabets and character sets
  • Easily accounts for spelling errors and wrong transliterations
  • Enables subject matter experts to navigate through significant data volumes not typically easily managed without the use of expertly-tuned and expensive tech
  • Benefits of Sanctions Match Engine

  • Easily integrates with downstream processes (e.g. AML flagging)
  • Can be configured to send out automated alerts
  • Pre-packaged tool reduces steep learning curve in AML & KYC
  • Reduces cost of AML screening, provides more accurate results
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