Asset Tracking

The Problems

Many large organizations today have huge amounts of asset data to manage but over time this data can degrade and become unreliable. This results in inefficient planning and execution of projects that require the assets, loss of the assets themselves and ultimately financial loss.


 Our Solution

The Datactics solution for Asset Tracking is a master asset data description paired with automated standardization of asset classifications

✓  Create a master data description by sophisticated profiling of data

✓  Cleanse existing master asset data with profiling and automated standardization

✓  Ensure fidelity of updates to master asset data

✓  Reduce manual overheads for maintaining master asset data


The Benefits

✓  Confidence that vital assets are available when needed

✓  Higher levels of customer service

✓  Improved project planning – predict the cost and time of each project more accurately

✓  Risk management – predict the cost and time of projects more accurately

✓  Reduce the fraudulent use of the assets

✓  Ability to audit subcontractors


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Case Studies

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