LEI Match Engine

The world’s first and only bulk matching service for LEI, brought to you by the award-winning experts in data matching.

Our free LEI Match and Health Check web portal allows you to try the time-saving entity bulk match capabilities of Match Engineagainst the complete  1 million+ entities in the Global LEI Foundation (GLEIF) dataset.

No LEI? No problem!

Our sophisticated algorithms perform high speed fuzzy matches on customer & counterparty name, previous entity names and address fields handling messy input data to find the right LEI in the GLEIF database.

What to do next:

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  • Talk to us about the wider benefits of Match Engineincluding:
    • Providing continuous data quality monitoring of LEI and entity reference data; and
    • Adding value to your existing EDM or Legal Entity Master platform by allowing you to integrate a wide range of open and proprietary data sets and ensure ongoing data quality.
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