Instrument Mapping

The Problems

High-quality reference data for Security Master and EDM is the bedrock of financial operations, but when organization on-board reference data from multiple vendors, differences in symbology increase the workload of a bank’s reference data staff, undermining the ability to achieve regulatory compliance while decreasing the overall quality of information offered to investors.

Furthermore, since the European Commission’s 2012 ruling on Reuters Instrument Codes (RIC), organizations can reduce costs and vendor lock-in by availing of the Thomson Reuters Extended RIC License (ERL).


Our Solution

The Datactics solution effectively produces golden records providing a single view of instrument for EDM systems and Security Masters, while also providing a framework to on-board data and continuously monitor data quality.

Manage ETL operations (e.g. import & normalization) on reference data from a single hub

Validate identifiers with built-in rules e.g. CUSIP, SEDOL, ISIN, FIGI, LEI etc

Map instrument from different vendors e.g. by CUSIP, ISIN etc

Profile data to identify gaps & inconsistencies

Compare data quality between vendors

Merge vendor data to achieve golden records

Continuously monitor quality of data


The Benefits

Integrates with you existing EDM or Securities Master systems

Solution is owned by your data custodians & data analysts without the need for software development resources

Future Proof – Our GUI lets you easily import data from other sources and validate/match on new fields.


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