Match Engine

The Problems

Client onboarding and KYC/AML due diligence checks call for timely and accurate matching against reference data. In the UK alone there are approx. 20 business entities containing the name ‘Google’, only a few of which relate to the popular search giant, so it’s vital that any entity match can filter out irrelevant results. Furthermore, the accuracy of search results depends on the quality of the underlying reference data, so if this data is from multiple open and proprietary sources of differing format and quality, then this can have a huge impact on accuracy.


Our Solution

Datactics FlowDesigner and DQM provide a scalable and flexible entity matching platform – Match Engine – with a central GUI hub to allow you to ingest, normalize and augment reference data sets, build powerful search methods, configure API access and integrate with external applications.


Consolidate & enhance reference data from multiple sources e.g. Open Corporates, Companies House, GLEIF, Bloomberg FIGI, Thomson Reuters Open PermID.

Multilingual entity matching on all character sets (Chinese, Russian/Cyrillic etc)

High-speed bulk matching (match 100’s millions records of client data against millions of records of reference data in minutes)

REST web services API for integration with KYC and client onboarding applications

Integrate with dedicated search platforms like Solr and Elastic

Ensure ongoing quality of reference data by implementing Data Quality Firewall and continuous data quality metrics normalization and cleansing

Produce data quality metrics for compliance with data quality standards like EDMC’s DCAM


The Benefits

Streamline your KYC client onboarding checks with greater speed and accuracy

Ensure compliance with data quality standards

 Investment in a future-proof platform that can scale and adapt to changing demands

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