DQ Firewall

The Problems

Data is the underlying bedrock of many business critical decisions, but how can you be sure of its accuracy and completeness before it enters the BI & analytics stage? Regular updates to data and real-time ingestion renders ad-hoc data scrubbing impractical. Rejecting an entire data set just because some of it is bad causes unacceptable delays.


Our Solution

Datactics FlowDesigner and DQM allow you to build a reliable Data Quality Firewall tailored to you needs, but flexible enough to cope with changes to data sources & destinations, schemas a data quality metrics.

Datactics Data Quality Firewall also acts like an Anti-Virus – it quarantines bad data, allowing it to be cleansed to meet data quality standards, rather than just throwing it away.

Manage import, quality control form a central web-based GUI hub

Be alerted to data quality exceptions in real time

Quarantine suspect data for review while loading data that meets DQ requirements

Interactive review of suspect data

Automatically or interactively cleanse, standardize and de-duplicate suspect data


The Benefits

Prevent data quality violations at point of entry

Maintain regular or real-time data updates without delays caused by bad data

Ongoing protection of digital data assets guarantees quality of downstream BI

Complete product based solution that can be managed by the data owner without the involvement the IT department, external vendors or specialist programmers and thus provides lower cost of ownership and higher speed of implementation


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