Data Migration

The Problems

Even when legacy systems are upgraded to the latest technology, they only function as well as the underlying data, so in addition to changes to structure and formats it’s vital that the legacy data also be of the highest quality.


Our Solution

Datactics provide a complete platform to manage, engineer and execute data migration projects. After a data quality audit on the legacy data, FlowDesigner’s powerful and configurable fuzzy matching technology can readily identify duplicate records, standardize and merge data with high confidence.

Manage data migrations from a central GUI hub

Consolidate legacy data from disparate silos

Transform legacy data to new formats using consistent rules

Perform data quality audit on legacy data

Cleanse and de-duplicate legacy data with built-in rules for specific field types

Add value to data by augmentation with new data sources

Enforce business rules to meet compliance requirements


The Benefits

Realise the full potential of a system migration

 Reduce migration time and costs

Reduce manual data migration overheads

Ensure ongoing quality of data in the new system

Achieve data compliance


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Case Studies

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