Data Anonymisation

The Problems

Many industries today face the challenge of removing sensitive attributes from large volumes of data before it can further processed. While removing these attributes from well-structured data is simple enough, sanitizing unstructured free-form text poses a significant challenge for example:

  • How do you redact names from free form text when you don’t know what names to search for?
  • How do you distinguish a person’s name from the name of, say, a building?
  • How do you handle anything you’re unsure of e.g. delegate ambiguous matches to staff for review?
  • And how can you automate all this to reduce manual effort and staffing costs?


Our Solution

Datactics FlowDesigner and DQM allow you to reliably automate anonymization of data.

Anonymize large volumes of free-form text data

Easily identify sensitive attributes like names, addresses & phone numbers

Powerful regular expression and fuzzy matching allow you to redact any type of data

Define white lists & black lists for ambiguous terms that should be redacted or left untouched

Manage automation of import, export, anonymization tasks from a central browser based GUI and delegate ambiguous matches to human review


The Benefits

Complete product based solution that can be managed by the data owner without the involvement the IT department, external vendors or specialist programmers and thus provides lower cost of ownership and higher speed of implementation

Whitelist & black list terms can be managed in-house and edited in MS Excel

All changes to data can be tracked and reviewed with tiered approval reducing the risk of adverse consequences.

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Case Studies

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