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  • Information provided by this service is for demonstration of the high-performance fuzzy-match capabilities of Datactics Match Engineand Datactics Limited is not responsible for any actions you take or fail to take based on information you receive from this service
  • You agree to use this service as it is intended and not seek to change or alter it in any way
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File Restrictions:

  • Registered users are allowed a maximum of 50 name searches

Data Security:

  • Transport of name data to is secured via HTTPS
  • Match results are stored on temporarily for client exploration and are only accessible by the client.
  • No permanent storage is provided, match results held on may be periodically deleted and clients should export the match results to a local file if they wish to keep them.

Use at Own Risk:

  • Datactics provides no guarantees of accuracy of information.
  • is a trial service to demonstrate AML screening and matching and should not be considered a production service.
  • To use Match Enginein production for AML Screening operations, please contact us and we’ll set up a meeting.

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