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Datactics in Industry

Datactics has over 15 years’ experience producing data quality solutions for many different industries such as; manufacturing, supply chain, retail and energy. We offer highly scalable data quality tools to help you improve the quality of your data in order to increase accuracy and maximise operational efficiency.

Analytics can be a powerful tool for any modern business. However, analytics can only be as good as the underlying data. Our powerful software profiles, cleanses and matches your data to prepare it for true, intelligent analytics.

Since the company was formed, Datactics has landed a number of blue chip and fortune 500 industry clients. By building solutions for Manufacturing, Supply Chain and retail, our team (and software) have acquired specialist domain knowledge with product data. Industry experts Gartner recognised Datactics as “The Best Product Data Quality Tool” in 2012.

Datactics was also described by Bloor as “the most interesting company in this market right now”. Based on an independent Information Difference survey of our clients, Datactics was cited as the data quality provider with the “happiest customers”.

“We chose Datactics because of its Can Do attitude. It has now delivered three projects on time and on budget.”

Michael McGrath
Director, Global Sourcing, Hydraulics, Terex

How can we help?

Our approach

At Datactics we understand that every client has unique requirements and a preferred method of approach.
We offer our clients simple deployment options that can be tailored to fit.
Software Purchase
Clients are able to license Datactics software for us by their own data analysts.
Software Lease / Rental
Clients are able to license Datactics software for use by their own data analysts with reduced initial capital outlay.
Software Purchase / Lease + Professional Services
As well as having powerful Datactics software deployed on-site, clients can also benefit from our team of expert analysts.