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Datactics in Government + Healthcare

Datactics is well equipped to meet the unique data demands of both government and healthcare organisations under increased pressure to cut costs and improve data quality. We offer scalable data quality tools to help unlock the wealth of vital information hidden in public sector data.

Our powerful software profiles, cleanses and matches your data to prepare it for true, intelligent analytics. Done in the right way, analytics can help to increase accuracy and operational efficiency. However, analytics can only be as good as the underlying data.

“We are constantly looking at how we can improve our efficiency for the benefit of NHS trusts. The new software will provide a twenty fold accurate throughput on product catalogue matching and help us deliver high quality service to our customers.”

Colin Hancox
Pricing Marketing Manager, NHS Supply Chain

How can we help?

Our approach

At Datactics we understand that every client has unique requirements and a preferred method of approach.
We offer our clients simple deployment options that can be tailored to fit.
Software Purchase
Clients are able to license Datactics software for us by their own data analysts.
Software Lease / Rental
Clients are able to license Datactics software for use by their own data analysts with reduced initial capital outlay.
Software Purchase / Lease + Professional Services
As well as having powerful Datactics software deployed on-site, clients can also benefit from our team of expert analysts.