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Datactics in Banking + Finance

Datactics is ideally positioned to meet the specific data requirements of firms operating in the financial sector as they prepare for emerging regulations. We provide sophisticated tools to help financial institutions get their data in order and quickly respond to new standards.

We offer agile data quality and powerful matching software for reference, entity and instrument data that is designed to be operated by Data Analysts and requires no coding or programming to configure complex data workflows. This agile nature helps to get projects off the ground and into production very quickly. The powerful matching capability allows firms to field map across instruments and identifiers and the proprietary ‘fuzzy logic’ helps to de-duplicate records.

Datactics helps firms to make sense of their big data warehouses by rapidly profiling to spot potential errors and identify patterns. The tools can then improve the quality of the data and link disparate datasets together in order to get an improved view across the enterprise. The tools may be deployed by Data Scientists to build sophisticated data cleansing, re-engineering and matching projects, or as an overall enterprise platform for managing a global workflow on large data quality projects.

"RegMetrics is fast and easy to use, allowing us to properly cleanse and match our data to one single customer view ahead of submission to the FSCS. Its usability means our SMEs develop data quality rules themselves, extending the functionality to multiple regulatory requirements and broader data quality and governance applications, and automatically generate meaningful interactive reports in Tableau. It’s the quality and accuracy of these outputs that ensures we can save time, improve our data and enhance the efficiency of our processes."

Marion Rybnikar,
Head of Data at Danske Bank UK

How can we help?

Our approach

At Datactics we understand that every client has unique requirements and a preferred method of approach.
We offer our clients simple deployment options that can be tailored to fit.
Software Lease
Clients can licence Datactics software, typically on a minumum three-year contract basis. Many clients choosing this option do so on successful completion of a paid Proof of Concept delivered in conjunction with Datactics Data Engineers.
Software Lease + Professional Services
We also offer our Data Engineers to manage delivery of ongoing improvements, adaptations and developments on an extremely competitive basis. Flexible arrangements are tailored to the client's individual needs, making any Datactics implementation simple and efficient.