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Sanctions screening: Complex, high-risk and highly manual

Despite recent technological advancements in big data technology, the area of AML screening remains largely manual, with analysts needing to scan through large lists of often poor-quality data to alert downstream KYC and transaction monitoring functions.

This does not help mitigate the significant risks and exposure to bad actors currently experienced by firms needing to provide differentiated services to their clients, and can lead to backlogs of data to be checked in day-to-day processing, or validated through large-scale remediation projects

In general, sanctions matching is a highly manual, time-heavy process. The data used is often in differing formats, languages and with varying levels of quality – all increasing the risk of errors occurring or matches being missed.

Try the fuzzy-matching Sanctions Match Engine for free!

match across multiple lists

The free service matches individuals and entities against a consolidated index composed of UK, EU and US public sanctions lists.

multiple match methods

Utilise Datactics' in-built exact, fuzzy and phonetic matching of records across name, address, dates and identifiers.

transliteration built-in

Sanctions Match Engine supports non-Latin character sets including Cyrillic, Chinese (Mandarin), Japanese (Kanji) and Arabic.

confidence score

Weighted match results deliver a "Confidence Score" to make decision-making on accepting matches easy and clear.

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No permanent storage is provided, match results held on may be periodically deleted and clients should export the match results to a local file if they wish to keep them.

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Datactics provides no guarantees of accuracy of information. is a trial service to demonstrate sanctions matching and should not be considered a production service.
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