Powerful, easy-to-use fuzzy matching software that puts fast and reliable data within reach


Datactics software profiles, scores, cleans and reformats data for regulatory compliance and business growth, working in tandem with our automation and scheduling tools to free up your data scientists from spreadsheet hell and “data janitor” preparation work.


Our tools put comparable and alternative item matching at your fingertips, without the need for coding or developer-level knowledge to build new projects or amend rule sets. The automation tools dramatically reduce manual labour and increase revenues by providing immediate access to accurate and standardised data.

Core components of the Datactics Self-Service Data Quality Platform



Our highly-visual studio used by client subject matter experts for creating, documenting and auditing data quality and matching rules,this product ships with hundreds of out-of-the box rules relating to data validation and quality. It features a drag-and-drop user interface and employs our highly sought-after fuzzy-matching capabilities which have benefitted from significant years of development.



  • Rich ‘drag & drop’ GUI designed for use by a Data Analyst
  • Extremely easy to use, no programming or developing knowledge required
  • Pre-built rules engine
  • Pre-loaded + easily extendable reference files
  • Fuzzy match capability out of the box

Data Quality Manager (DQM)


DQM is a cutting-edge web application that enables automation by allowing users to schedule and execute data quality processes which have been designed using FlowDesigner. It is where projects are deployed, scheduled and implemented and contains full user hierarchies and audit trails. Features built-in connectivity to multiple third-party sources spanning financial services (e.g. Bloomberg, DnB, BvD, Thomson Reuters, Companies House etc.) and address-based data (Royal Mail Postal Address File, Gazetteer, AddressBase etc.)



  • Data quality solutions scheduler
  • User administration and authorisation
  • Master Record Manager



Our software provides a framework for firms that helps business users (Data Analysts / SMEs) to quickly build and implement business rules without the need for programming or development. This framework enables firms to measure, monitor and react to the levels of data quality that exists in multiple areas across the enterprise, through easy integration with off-the-shelf data visualisation tools such as Qlik®, Tableau®, or PowerBI®.


  • Deep-dive into data quality
  • Dashboards customised for CDOs, Heads of Data etc.
  • Granular level of data quality assessment – even to desk or user level

Data Quality Clinic (DQC)


Data Quality Clinic (DQC) is the Datactics environment for resolving data quality issues.  DQC has been designed and built to be the last step of an holistic Data Quality measurement process:1) Identify issues in the data through running RegMetrics projects; 2) Identify which elements can be automatically resolved through deterministic rules (if any); 3) Anything which cannot be resolved automatically is fed into DQC, where subject matter experts can review the information.



  • Assignment of data quality breaks according to various criteria
  • Resolution of duplicates and other data quality issues
  • Data obfuscation
  • '4-eyes' validation
  • Self-contained REST API for bespoke UI integration

Key Features

Fast 'in-memory' solution scalable for Big Data
Data Analyst-friendly interface. Easy-to-use 'drag and drop' functionality
Powerful matching engine including 'fuzzy matching' logic
Tactical software from a project basis to long term strategies
Easy to integrate with existing systems and workflows
Rapid installation in hours, not days
Datactics software can run on a commodity hardware, from laptop to high-end server

Our methodology

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