Augment and Automate Data Quality

Datactics empowers business users to self-serve for data quality with no need to code.

Rapidly measure, report on and fix data assets for strategic data programmes, from digital transformation to analytics and regulatory compliance.

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Platform Functions:

Data Cleansing & Deduplication

Data Cleansing & Deduplication

Robust data quality operations to profile, measure, clean, standardise, de-duplicate and match multiple data types. Easy to integrate with reconciliation processes, our system ships with out of the box rules for many business challenges.

Intelligent Fuzzy Matching

Intelligent Fuzzy Matching

Easily integrate powerful matching with data quality to enhance your business process. Our scalable match engine can handle millions of records and perform fuzzy matching to generate candidate records with confidence scores.

Data Quality Measurement

Data Quality Measurement

Gain deep insights into the quality of data through rich visualisations in off-the-shelf tools. Drill down to data elements breaching rules and explore time-series analysis of data breaches measured to industry standard dimensions of data quality.

Repair, Resolve & Audit Trail

Repair, Resolve & Audit Trail

Federate data quality repairs to data subject matter experts with full oversight over fixes and proposed amendments. Automate or bulk-fix data elements failing common rules.

AI Augmented Data Quality

AI Augmented Data Quality

Augment data quality with AI and machine learning via our built-in microservices. Reduce manual effort in reviewing data while maintaining transparency about how decisions are made through explainable AI techniques.

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Rapidly create and deploy dynamic rules

Profile, cleanse, match and deduplicate data in drag-and-drop rules studio. Lo-code UI means no programming skill required, putting power in the hands of subject matter experts. Perform ETL tasks to deliver data cleansing, data standardisation and enrichment.

Measure, report and improve data quality

Visualise health of data in PowerBI, Tableau & Qlik dashboards tailored to your business and measured to standard dimensions of data quality such as completeness, accuracy, timeliness and so on. Interact with broken data to recommend individual and bulk fixes with full audit trail.

Connect easily to any data source

Wide range of connectivity to a client’s data sets and sources including warehouses, lakes and private cloud. Easily integrate with existing data lineage, data governance and management platforms. Supports a wide range of data types including people, companies, accounting and transaction data.

Augment data management with Explainable AI

Add AI & machine learning to your existing data management processes in order to reduce manual effort and increase accuracy, providing full transparency on machine-led decisions with human-in-the-loop accountability.

Platform features


Drag-and-drop rules studio designed for business users: no programming skill required. Build & test rules, implement business requirements; create, refine and test DQ processes. Ships with pre-built rules logic and definitions making rule building much faster.

Intelligent fuzzy matching

Benefit from fully customisable, configurable matching technology to enable deduplication, cleansing, and enrichment of data from alternative sources. Create a single view across datasets and sources ahead of analytics, reporting and for AI.

automation & scheduling

Run rules; combine, scale and link projects. Automate and schedule production solutions, across multiple data formats e.g. CSV, XML, JSON, XSLX, XLS, etc.​

visualise & fix your data

Native Data Quality Clinic application empowers those who know the data to fix the data through integrations with off-the-shelf visualisation dashboarding software. Assign for review or approval, with full audit trail, finally freeing yourself from Excel hell.

integrate with any data store

In-built connectivity to data lakes, silos and cloud sources, including Azure, Google Cloud Platform and AWS. Deploy on-premise, in public or private cloud, leveraging Active Directory & LDAP to integrate with native user access protocols. ​

ai predictions

Power automations enable rapid access to data systems and stores. Monitor AI algorithms and detail decisions reached with full in-built explainability.

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Datactics Self-Service Data Quality & Matching Solutions

Offering award-winning data quality and matching capabilities across multiple industries, our self-service solutions are rapidly configured within weeks with specialist assistance available from Datactics data engineers.

Connect easily with lineage and governance tools for holistic, end-to-end data management. 

Datactics Financial Services

Financial Services

Designed with banks, wealth and asset managers in mind.

With Datactics you can easily measure data to regulatory & industry standards, fix breaches in bulk and push into reporting tools, with full visibility and audit trail for Chief Risk Officers. Augment data matching into Legal Entity Masters for Client Lifecycle Management.

Government & Policing

Proven capabilities on highly-sensitive data for major Government departments and offices of State.

Match data across different sources with semantic analysis and automated classification of free text. Achieve seamless data migrations from systems or silos with no loss of data integrity.

Datactics Government & Policing
Datactics Insurance


Unlocking the potential of insurance data assets.

With Datactics you can measure, match and enrich data for in-depth business intelligence and downstream processes; for Single Customer View delivering faster & smoother underwriting process; and to deliver customer experience benefits such as improved claims management timeframes.

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