Legal Entity Identifier (LEI) Match Engine

Perform a quick LEI health-check against the entire list of entities in the Global LEI Foundation (GLEIF) dataset. It’s easy to sign up, is fast and completely free to use.

GLEIF for LEI Match Engine

Test our award-winning fuzzy matching technology

The LEI Match Engine helps banks and asset managers quickly ascertain the data quality of company information they hold in their systems or legal entity master.

Financial firms can use the service to compare and augment LEI data using the Global LEI Foundation’s (GLEIF) concatenated LEI file. 

LEI Match Engine provides fast bulk matching that supports the submission of up to 5,000 entities in a single file and results in minutes. Sophisticated algorithms perform high speed fuzzy matches on customer & counterparty name, previous entity names and address fields handling messy input data to find the right LEI in the GLEIF database.

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Terms of Use

Before you sign up, please review and accept our Terms of Use.

By submitting this form and using the LEI Match Engine service (‘this service’) you agree to be bound by these Terms of Use. ~Information provided by this service is for demonstration of the high-performance fuzzy-match capabilities of Datactics Match Engine and Datactics Limited is not responsible for any actions you take, or fail to take, based on information you receive from this service.
You agree to use this service as it is intended and not seek to change or alter it in any way.
Your operation of this service does not create a contractual relationship between you and Datactics Limited.
Any information uploaded to this service, sent to us via email or through this site is not secure and will not be treated as confidential.

File Restrictions:

  1. Users are allowed a maximum of 10 entity upload and match submissions
  2. User submitted files are limited to a maximum of 1000 rows per submission
  3. Only the latest submission will be stored at

Data Security:

Transport of client entity data to is secured via HTTPS.
Match results are stored on temporarily for client exploration and are only accessible by the client.
No permanent storage is provided, match results held on may be periodically deleted and clients should export the match results to a local file if they wish to keep them.

Use at Own Risk:

Datactics provides no guarantees of accuracy of information. is a trial service to demonstrate entity matching and should not be considered a production service.
To use Match Engine in production, please contact us and we’ll set up a meeting.

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