CEO Vision – Self-Service Data Quality for DataOps 

5 May 2020

At the recent A-Team Data Management Summit Virtual, Datactics CEO Stuart Harvey delivered a keynote on “DataOps – Why it’s the next big thing in financial services.” The keynote (available here) can be read below, with slides from the keynote included for reference. Should you wish to discuss the subject with us, please don’t hesitate …Read More

Runners and Riding Riders Club: Get on your bike (or get your running shoes on)

6 August 2020

    In late June, our very own Marcus Lamb, a Senior Software Developer, took it upon himself to launch the first-ever Datactics ‘Runners and Riders’ club, for cyclists, runners, and walkers of all abilities, on popular activity monitoring app Strava. Jamie Gordon sat down with him to find out all about it…     …Read More

Diversity and Inclusion Award for Datactics!

5 August 2020

  Last week, as part of the Datactics Focus on Awards week, I posted that we had won the Best Company for Diversity and Inclusion at the Women in Technology and Data Awards 2020. I thought I’d take a little time to go into a bit more detail behind what made us stand out, and …Read More

Good Data Culture – Facing Down Practical Challenges of a Data Management Programme

30 July 2020

  “Nobody said it was easy” sang Chris Martin, in Coldplay’s love song from a scientist to the girl he was neglecting. The same could be said of data scientists embarking on a data management programme!     In his previous blog on Good Data Culture, our Head of Client Services, Luca Rovesti, discussed taking …Read More

DaveOps – Expect the unexpected #UserSupport

29 July 2020

    Expect the Unexpected #UserSupport   I’m finally getting around to doing another blog and here we are just past the end of week 18 and midway through week 19 since the start of lockdown and the “new normal” can you believe it?   In some ways, it seems so long ago since those …Read More

Notes on a Webinar: Overcoming Barriers to RegTech Adoption

2 July 2020

  At the start of June, Marketing & Partnerships Manager, Matt Flenley was a panellist on an A-Team webinar alongside Sophia Bantanidis of Citi, Kayvan Alikhani of, and Patrick Boscher of With questions posed by Sarah Underwood, the webinar delved deep into views from different sides of the fence – buyers, sellers and investors – seeking to provide a broad understanding of the barriers …Read More

DaveOps – There Is More To The Cable – Working From Home Weeks 11 – 13

19 June 2020

    There is more to the cable than meets the eye   Back again after a 3-week break to give a quick round-up on what’s been going on at Datactics through weeks 11-13.   We continue to plan for a return to the office getting things ready and in my team, we are taking …Read More

Market Insights – Data Quality vs Data Governance: Not always a ‘chicken & egg’ problem

18 June 2020

        In this blog with Datactics’ Head of Sales, Kieran Seaward, we dive into the sometimes-thorny issue of where to start. It’s a problem data managers and users will fully understand, and Kieran’s approach to this is influenced by thousands of hours of conversation with people at all stages of the process, …Read More

CTO Vision – No-code & lo-code: a lighter way to enjoy tech?

12 June 2020

      It might be the fact that home working = greater access to the chocolate supplies, but in this article with Datactics CTO Alex Brown, Matt Flenley asks about the nature of no-code and lo-code platforms like Datactics’ Self-Service Data Quality, and whether they really are a lighter way to enjoy chocolate? Technology, I mean technology.  …Read More

AI Whitepaper – AI-Enabled Data Quality

10 June 2020

      In this paper, authored by our Head of AI Fiona Browne, we provide an overview of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) and their application to Data Quality.   We highlight how tools in the Datactics platform can be used for key data preparation tasks including cleansing, feature engineering and dataset labelling …Read More

Practical AI – Dataset Labelling for Entity Resolution & Beyond with Dr. Fiona Browne

5 June 2020

      In late 2019 our Head of AI, Dr Fiona Browne, delivered a series of talks to the Enterprise Data Management Council on AI-Enabled Data Quality in the context of AML operations, specifically for resolving differences in legal entity data. In this blog post, her colleague Dr Raghad Al-Shabandar goes under the hood …Read More

Focus On Retail Banking – Part 1: What is driving the need for data quality metrics in retail banking?

1 June 2020

This year’s London Marathon has been postponed to the 4th of October. Even if it is months away now, it still presents a titanic challenge that has long dominated the human psyche: the will to finish, to get over the line, to win.   The official app contains a feature to help friends, family and …Read More

DaveOps – Great Office Escape – Working From Home Weeks 9 & 10

29 May 2020

        Well, here we are at the end of week #10! Can you believe it? 10 weeks since all this (madness) started. There has been a lot of adjusting, new learning, new ways of working and now as the talk starts of a return to normality you have to wonder how much …Read More

Practical AI – Explainable AI with Dr. Fiona Browne

26 May 2020

  The AI team at Datactics is building explainability from the ground up and demonstrating the “why and how” behind predictive models for client projects. Matt Flenley prepared to open his brains to a rapid education session from Dr Fiona Browne, Dr Raghad Al-Shabandr and Kaixi Yang.   One of the most hotly debated tech …Read More

DaveOps – The Old Ones – Working From Home Weeks 7 & 8

15 May 2020

    Jumpcloud So, what have we been up to? Well, I am happy to report that things have continued to go well with only a few hiccups. I have been continuing to play around with Powershell/Jumpcloud to interrogate our JumpCloud LDAP, learning about Commvault’s new features and putting out fires including a couple of …Read More

The future is… accidentally biased?

15 May 2020

AI Bias Every now and then a run-of-the-mill activity makes you sit up and take notice of something bigger than the task you’re working on, a sort of out-of-body experience where you see the macro instead of the micro.     Yesterday was one such day. I’d had a pretty normal one of keeping across …Read More

Practical AI – AI Ethics with Dr Raghad Al-Shabandr

14 May 2020

AI Ethics Raghad Al-Shabandr is one third of Datactics’ all-female AI team, with a PhD in Machine Learning from Liverpool John Moores University. In this blog, Matt Flenley sat down with Raghad on the subject of AI Ethics; to ask her to go into more detail on some questions that need to be answered to …Read More

DaveOps – Mixed Results – Working From Home Week 6

1 May 2020

    It didn’t work. Why? Wait, it did work. Why?  Another week in lockdown, another week of highs, lows and everything in between. How have you all fared? Its had to believe that we have today entered a new month, April even in lockdown seemed to fly by. I wonder what May will bring? …Read More

Data Management Summit Virtual – Unlocking Data Value with Kieran Seaward

29 April 2020

  At last week’s Virtual Data Management Summit, the A-Team’s CEO Angela Wilbraham sat down for a Q&A on all things data quality and unlocking data value with our Head of Sales Kieran Seaward.   Topics covered in this interview are: – The biggest issues in data management right now (0:31) – Why data quality …Read More

DaveOps – No Fault Found – Working From Home Week 5

24 April 2020

WOW! Week #5. Can you believe it? In some ways it seems much longer and yet in others it feels like the 5 weeks have flown by. As I have alluded to in these updates, things have still been moving at a hectic pace here, so perhaps being busy is the key to making the …Read More

Good Data Culture – The Road To Data Maturity

23 April 2020

The Road to Data Maturity – Many data leaders know that the utopia of having all their data perfect and ready to use is frequently like the next high peak on a never-ending hike, always just that little bit out of reach. Luca Rovesti, Head of Client Services for Datactics, hears this all the time …Read More

CTO Vision – Beyond Data Prep – Whitepaper SSDQ

23 April 2020

  Whitepaper SSDQ – As featured in the recent A-Team webinar, we’ve been strong advocates of a self-service approach to data quality (SSDQ), especially when it comes to regulated data types and wide-ranging demands on a firm’s data assets. This whitepaper, authored by our CTO Alex Brown, goes deeper into the reasons why this approach is …Read More

DaveOps – Gotta Keep on Keeping on – Working From Home Week 3 & 4

17 April 2020

Did the public holidays catch anyone else by surprise either last week or this? I have to admit to that I am afraid and I also admit to the prospect of 2 days off not being met with joy due to the lockdown. Anyway, they have been and gone and here we are now at …Read More

Webinar – Best Practices For Creating A Data Quality Framework

8 April 2020

  Chief Technology Officer, Alex Brown featured as a panellist in Data Management Insight’s webinar discussing the best practices for creating a data quality framework within your organisation.      What’s the problem? A-Team Insight outlines that: “Bad data affects time, cost, customer service, cripples decision making and reduces firms’ ability to comply with regulations. …Read More

DaveOps – The Beat Goes On – Working From Home Week 2

3 April 2020

We have had a big week here in Datactics as we welcomed not 1 but 3 new members of staff working from home with all the fun that has brought, making sure everything was set up on time and that the remote welcome was just as warm as if we were together in the office. …Read More

DaveOps – Working From Home – Week 1 #Done

27 March 2020

Like most, here at Datactics we are just finishing up our first full week of ‘Working from home’. In line with government advice, we made the decision to close our office in Belfast and to port the entire workforce over to WFH last weekend. As the guy in charge of making sure everything worked as …Read More

Why You Should Read The European Banking Authority Report on AI and Big Data

13 February 2020

    You might have missed this highly informative report from the European Banking Authority (EBA)  – because the title didn’t contain the popular buzzwords of Artificial Intelligence – AI or Machine Learning – ML (nor does the front cover have a picture of a robot!). But for anyone who is trying to understand the challenges ahead for …Read More

5AMLD & Data Quality: New Regulation, Same Problems?

27 January 2020

With the EU’s fifth Anti-Money Laundering directive (5AMLD) having gone live on the 10th January, Matt Flenley took some time with Alex Brown, CTO at Datactics, to find out what implications there are when it comes to data quality. Firstly, what do you think are the biggest impacts for firms? Naturally we’re going to focus …Read More

How Datactics helps Santa with his Data Quality Issues

19 December 2019

  Yes, of course, Santa has data quality issues! Everyone has data quality issues. In this article, we outline how Datactics software can help Santa improve the efficiency of his pre-Christmas operations and have a stress free Christmas Eve delivery and a relaxing Christmas Day.   Data Quality Firewall, REST API, Data Quality Remediation Datactics …Read More

Automated AML Screening with Sanctions Match Engine

4 November 2019

If you are employed in the banking sector or if you must deal with large and messy datasets, you will probably face challenges derived from poor data quality, standardization and siloed information.  Datactics provides the tools to tackle these issues with minimum IT overhead, in a powerful and agile way.  . A growing number of …Read More

Transliteration matching in Japanese, Chinese, Russian, Arabic and all non-Latin data sets

25 October 2019

Here at Datactics we’ve recently done a number of Transliteration matching tasks helping people with Japanese, Russian Cyrillic and Arabic data sets. Transliteration matching can seem challenging, especially when presented with text that you don’t understand, but with the right techniques a lot can be achieved – the key is to really understand the problem …Read More

Top 5s Just In: Money 20/20 Europe

20 June 2019

Money 20/20 Europe: Matt’s Snap Judgement     Fresh from landing back in Belfast, Matt Flenley takes some time to reflect on the five major things he thinks about Europe’s self-proclaimed largest fintech event…     1. Money 20/20 needs more banks to engage fintechs at the event, and for app usage to be a …Read More

Par Equity Leads Investment in Datactics

14 May 2019

  Belfast, London, New York, Brussels, Milan, 14th May 2019   Scottish investment firm co-ordinates £1.2m round with involvement from Par Syndicate, the Par EIS fund and Kernel Capital.   We are pleased to announce the closing of a £1.2m round of investment led by Par Equity, the Edinburgh investment fund, marking the completion of …Read More

Datactics releases free Sanctions Matching Engine for AML & KYC

20 March 2019

Cloud-based tool cross-references against combined OFAC, EU and UK sanctions lists Belfast, London, New York, Brussels, Milan, 21st March 2019 In the latest demonstration of its powerful data matching capabilities, Belfast-based “RegTech” provider Datactics is today releasing a scalable, fast, fuzzy-matching tool to help AML teams with time-consuming sanctions screening work. This free, limited-use service …Read More

Run (E)DMC

21 February 2019

Towards the end of 2018, Presales Manager Luca Rovesti was invited to speak at the Enterprise Data Management Council (EDMC)’s expanded Member Briefing sessions. We took some time to catch up over an espresso in a caffè around the corner from his swanky new Presales Office in Milan (ok, it was over email) and asked …Read More

Who are you really doing business with?

4 January 2019

Match Engine for Customer Onboarding. Challenges and facts from EU banking implementations.    Customer onboarding is one of the most critical entry points of new data for a bank’s counterparty information. References and interactions with internal systems, externally sourced information, KYC processes, regulatory reporting and risk aggregation are all impacted by the quality of information …Read More

Datactics LEI Match Engine Now Includes SWIFT BIC!

30 July 2018

We are pleased to announce that the latest version of the Datactics LEI Match Engine and health check now includes matching fuzzy matching of entity name to SWIFT BIC code. The SWIFT BIC data is provided by the GLEIF open source SWIFT to LEI mapping that was introduced in February this year. This latest change helps underline that the …Read More

One-Page Summary Sheets

16 March 2018

We’ve compressed the highlights of our three main products, Match Engine, Self-Service Data Quality, and Single Customer View, into handy one-page formats, perfect for reading on-the-go. You can download them here: Match Engine Self-Service Data Quality Single Customer View

You Are What You Eat

6 February 2018

Congratulations, blog fans! We’ve made it to the end (well almost, you have to read this one first). Now, if you’ve ever worked with or for a bank you’ll know that over the years that bank will have collected a lot of data. Loads of it. An amount I believe is scientifically referred to as …Read More

Ok, Data: It’s Couch To 5K Time

24 January 2018

As promised in the first blog on the topic, we’re taking a look at achievable New Year’s resolutions that are within reach, whether you’re a Chief Data Officer overseeing broad strategy or a subject matter expert using data day-to-day. This part takes “I need to exercise more” and turns it into “I need my data ready to deliver …Read More

Regrets, I’ve Had A Few

8 January 2018

As the last, empty box of chocolates goes into the (recycling) bin and the famous January Blue Monday slopes into view after the Season of Goodwill, it can often bring with it its unwelcome extra baggage: guilt! Many of us attempt to remedy this through some timely New Year’s Resolutions that tend to revolve around the following …Read More

Part 4: Making Data Governance deliver real-world results

9 June 2017

A few years ago, Heineken broadcast a classic Elephant-in-the-room advert where various groups of utility construction workers all agree to carry out their work at the same time, to “save digging up the road again and causing the public more inconvenience.”   It’s probably the dream of every road-weary traveller encountering another set of roadworks …Read More

Part 3: Off-the-shelf versus do-it-yourself

18 May 2017

The 1970 space mission Apollo 13 famously featured one of the finest pieces of patched-together engineering ever seen on or indeed above this planet: making a square peg fit a round hole. In Houston, legions of expert NASA engineers worked alongside the reserve crew to improvise a way of fitting a square type of carbon …Read More

Part 2: Self-service data improvement is the route to better data quality

10 May 2017

It’s easy to say that planning a journey has been made far simpler since the introduction of live traffic information to navigation apps. You can now either get there faster, or at the very least phone ahead to explain how long you’ll be delayed. It’s just as easy to say that we wouldn’t think of ignoring …Read More

Whitepaper: Achieving Regulatory Compliance by improving Data Quality

22 February 2017

Are you a Chief Data Officer, Chief Risk Officer or C-level executive that strives to achieve regulatory compliance for bank’s data? Recent financial regulations and directives such as BCBS 239 are driving banks to get to grips with data quality. This involves measuring large volumes of entity, risk and vendor data in order to report on quality …Read More

Announcing DQM v2016.11.29

15 December 2016

Datactics have released Data Quality Manager (DQM) v2016.11.29 featuring a significant performance enhancement: Parallel Item Execution. Building on new the “directed acyclic graph¹” functionality, DQM will now automatically analyse dependencies of related item nodes and give users the option of executing, in parallel, any nodes that can be executed independently of other nodes. This parallel item execution can dramatically speed …Read More

New Solutions Page

4 September 2016

We are very happy to announce our new Solutions page (! Datactics software is extremely versatile and solves many problems across many industry verticals. We have now created a range of ‘shrink wrapped’ solutions to specific industry problems built on the Datactics platform of FlowDesigner and DQM. These solutions can be used “off the shelf” or adapted to …Read More