29 January , 2020 - 29 January, 2020 - London

Things Banks Do Right – FS Club


“All companies need to rewire their culture and mindset to be digital. However, it’s hard for a large, traditional firm to do digital because so much must change. Everything must be converted from industrial to internet, from physical to remote, from analogue to digital. It demands new behaviours, new cultures, new structures, new systems. This is incredibly challenging for an organisation embedded in the industrial age, with millions of customers and centuries of history.

Some people say that it is not possible to change such an institution. Others say that incumbent banks will be destroyed and disrupted. Selecting five of the world’s leading banks—JPMorgan Chase (USA), BBVA and ING (Europe), and DBS and CMB (Asia)— Financial Services Club Chair Chris Skinner has spent the last two years analysing, interviewing and talking with these banks and others to find out what lessons we can all learn about doing digital. The result is a detailed guide for large existing institutions on how to approach digital transformation and, this evening, he will talk through those insights and lessons. For anyone looking for the ABC of Digital, this is it.”


For more information please visit: https://fsclub.zyen.com/events/forthcoming-fsclub-events/an-evening-with-our-chairman-chris-skinner-things-banks-do-right/