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FSClub Webinar: Banks, Blunders and Lessons Learned: Misadventures in a data-driven world and how to solve them with Kieran Seaward

Banks, Blunders and Lessons Learned: Misadventures in a data-driven world and how to solve them

On Friday 22nd May our Head of Sales Kieran Seaward will be on an FSClub Z/Yen Group Limited webinar to share how Datactics has helped financial firms conquer some real-world business problems that have relied heavily on fast access to good data.

FsClub say “For as long as banks have been operating, they have been accumulating data and looking for ways to manage it, understand it and use it to enhance their business. With continuous data growth and tough regulations to meet, the road isn’t easy and simply having a Chief Data Officer in place doesn’t mean that all that data insight is suddenly available and easy to access. Join Automated Intelligence and Datactics for a 45-minute webinar as they discuss some data blunders they have encountered in the banking world and how, using technology, they have helped those organisations overcome them.

Automated Intelligence and Datactics are two Belfast-based RegTech firms arming CDOs and senior management with access, insights and rapid solutions to manage, report and fix data to regulatory standards.


Jennifer Liu, Head of Trade-London, & UKDIT relationship lead, Invest Northern Ireland. Jenny has worked in Consulting, Insurance, Corporate Banking and Wealth management across London, Chicago, Beijing and Hong Kong. She then moved to Invest NI and set up their Hong Kong office, before returning home to head up their London Trade team. Invest NI (a non departmental public body) is Northern Ireland’s regional economic development agency. Jenny works across a variety of sectors in GB, providing an understanding of Northern Ireland’s areas of strength and making connections to relevant innovative Northern Irish tech companies.

Paul Hudson, Head of Customer Success, Automated Intelligence. Working with Automated Intelligence (AI) for over 6 years, Paul brings 25 years of experience spanning design, development, implementation and support roles within I.T. As Head of Customer Success at AI, Paul is responsible for understanding key customer needs and highlighting the data insights relevant to support change and improvement within organisations. Automated Intelligence empowers organisations to take control of their data so they can take control of their future.

Kieran Seaward was appointed Head of Sales for Datactics in 2019 having previously been responsible for managing sales in Europe as part of 7+ years on the sales frontline for Datactics. With multiple years’ experience in financial technology sales at Datactics, First Derivatives and MRP, Kieran is heavily involved in all aspects of customer engagement throughout the customer journey, and cites this proximity to clients as being one reason why Datactics maintains such a strong track record of customer satisfaction”. 

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