19 March , 2020 - 19 March, 2020 - London

Data Management Summit 2020

“The Data Management Summit explores how financial institutions are shifting from defensive to offensive data management strategies, to improve operational efficiency and revenue-enhancing opportunities.   We’ll be putting the business lens on data and deep diving into the data management capabilities needed to deliver on business outcomes.” – A-Team Insight

2020 topics include:

  • Shifting from defensive to offensive – aligning data with business strategy for revenue optimisation and operational efficiency
  • Establishing trust – Embedding data ethics into your data strategy
  • How to turn data lineage from a regulatory response into a business advantage
  • Reviewing the regulatory landscape  and future of regulatory reporting in Europe
  • Migrating to the cloud to create new capabilities for the business
  • The promise and potential of AI
  • Client onboarding – how developments in tech and automation can help optimise entity data management and improve KYC
  • DataOps methodology – why its the next big thing and significant for financial services

For more information please visit: https://a-teaminsight.com/events/data-management-summit-london/