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Welcome to our Download Centre. Here you can find product and service information and technical whitepapers. Find out now how banks and other industries are using our solutions by downloading our documents below or simply get in touch and we’ll be happy to explain every detail!


    1. RegMetrics Summary Sheet
  1. MiFID II Toolkit Summary Sheet
  2. Entity Match Engine Summary Sheet
  3. Single Customer View Summary Sheet

RegMetrics Summary Sheet

Datactics RegMetrics enables continuous measurement of data quality for compliance with data-driven regulations such as BCBS 239, MiFID II, FATCA and GDPR.

Interested? Download the RegMetrics Summary Sheet here!

RegMetrics Whitepaper

This White Paper outlines some of the techniques used by a Tier 1 global bank to implement a regulatory metrics platform (RegMetrics) to obtain deep insights into data quality and achieve immediate usable results, which can be used to steer data governance and drive data quality initiatives.

Interested? Download the Whitepaper here!

MiFID II Toolkit Summary Sheet

Datactics Entity Match Engine MiFID II Toolkit helps guarantee the quality of counterparty and instrument reference data for MiFID II reporting obligations by incorporating key MiFID II entity and instrument datasets with EDMs, Legal Entity and Security Masters.

Interested? Download the MiFID II Toolkit Summary Sheet here!

Entity Match Engine Summary Sheet

Datactics Entity Match Engine helps to solve the identification problems faced by banks when on-boarding person or company information and performing data identity and verification.

Interested? Download the Entity Match Engine Summary Sheet here!

Single Customer View Summary Sheet

Datactics Single Customer View utilises high-performance fuzzy-matching across multiple data sets and sources to provide a single golden record for regulatory reporting (GDPR, Deposit Guarantee Schemes (FSCS) etc.) and optimising data for utilisation in analytics models or transformation programmes.

Interested? Download the SCV Summary Sheet here!

FSCS Compliance

Datactics FSCS Compliance solution leverages the proven Regtech power of
RegMetrics. It comes pre-built with rules to comply with the UK Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS).

Interested? Download the FSCS Compliance here!

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