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We’re privileged to work with major international banking and insurance firms, as well as some pretty sizeable Governments. To discover why our customers are consistently the happiest in the annual Information Difference report, give us a call.

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It's easy to engage us on a low-risk, cost-effective Proof of Value:

Pre-planning & Preparation

Go way beyond a simple "Proof of Concept."

We work with you to define the scope, timeframe and budget. We're flexible about how you want to achieve your aims and have many satisfied blue-chip clients who can speak for our capabilities.​

Full deployment on a subset of data

Work with a flexible partner

Specifying a subset, or system, is a rapid way of communicating the criticality of data to your organisation. You'll get a fully-deployable version of our software to demonstrate the value to your business.​

Results in just 6 weeks

Measure & fix in production

We can give you full 'Chief Data Officer' dashboards, the capability to fix your broken data and an end-to-end workflow with automation built-in - in as little as six weeks.​

Win the case for data quality

See data as an asset

We know that frustration with poor data can seem like a never-ending problem. Our self-service data quality platform delivers measurable, trackable improvement in underlying data quality to more than justify the investment you make.

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