Achieving accurate SVC master records from disparate client data


Onesys (Pty) Ltd comprises a private company that provides financial, human resources, information technology and other supporting services to various clients. Founded in 1994 and based in Pretoria, South Africa, Onesys presently employs more than 100 personnel and provides services to clients who employ more than 700 personnel and has 89 branches nationwide.
Onesys’ clients are well established in the financial investment services sector and specialize in transactions within the value cycle, from small loans to legal collections, and are in the process of becoming a significant role player in the debt collection industry. Additionally, Onesys has entered the construction industry and is involved in numerous large projects.


Over 14 years, Onesys had accumulated a large amount of disparate client data. It wanted to create a manageable Single View of Customer (SVC) database that consolidated data from all the records it held. This SVC would enable its clients to quickly match up particular data to a loan application or collection, as well as allow Onesys for data mining to spot trends. Furthermore, it would ensure compliance with South African National Loan Register legislation. In a nutshell, Onesys had to verify and standardize approximately 150 million records of client data. With a large part of the client base in rural areas and townships, many areas with recently changed names, they needed to update and conform all their information, making it comparable and easily accessible.


Bateleur Software (Datactics’ partner), a leading South Africa IT solutions house, was asked to respond to this challenge. It identified as the critical need the ability to clean the existing data, standardize it and then to match and merge it into a master (SVC) record. Bateleur selected Datactics as the technology provider to fulfil these requirements. Using the Datactics technology, the data was subjected to a process which enabled the customer data to be:

  • Imported
  • Standardized
  • Cleansed
  • Address enhanced
  • Updated
  • Deduplicated
  • Merged into the master (SVC) record

Before using Datactics, Onesys had approximately 150 million records of client data from differing sources in different formats. Within four months, Datactics technology had reduced the client data down to 22 million records of cleaned and standardized data, with a Single View of Customer (SVC) master record for each client.

Legal collection has hugely improved since cleanup. Without the data enrichment achieved by Datactics technology, confirmation rates hung around 30 to 40%.  Previously enriching data was a laborious and tedious task. Datactics enriched the data without the time consuming difficulty and the confirmation rate is now 70%.


You can do so much if the data quality is good, it opens avenues; without clean data, you have nothing ... data quality is traceable and very visible, and the Datactics interface is very easy to use.

- Maritz Aldum, Director, Onesys


  • Increased response rates within the call centre for prospective and current clients  
  • Hugely beneficial profiling of customers – specifically with SVC master record – allowing faster risk management and processing of loans 
  • Elimination of the time consuming manual data enrichment process, thereby reducing cost and improving accuracy  
  • Ensured full compliance with South African National Credit Act (NCA) legislation  
  • Loan collection and accurate client contactability has doubled  
  • Data mining has allowed for a better understanding of customers and to predict trends for future business growth and branch placement  
  • Employees can easily interface with the system

Maritz Aldum, Director, commented “You can do so much if the data quality is good, it opens avenues; without clean data, you have nothing … data quality is traceable and very visible, and the Datactics interface is very easy to use.”