Kana (A Verint Company)

Datactics Single View of Client (SVC) Solution


Electing to work though strategic partners can reap dividends both for businesses and their customers – but selecting the right partner raises a number of questions that need to be answered honestly if the arrangement is to be mutually rewarding. Is there a strategic fit between the products/services provided? Are changes planned to either business which would shift the dynamics in the future? Is there a ‘meeting of minds’ between the two companies? Can working methods be clearly defined to protect the interests of all parties and derive optimal benefit? Is there sufficient trust between the two parties? With so much to consider, it’s little wonder that selecting the right partner to work with can be fraught with difficulty, and long term relationships sometimes difficult to maintain.

Not so the case with data quality solutions supplier Datactics, and Kana (previously branded as Kana), a provider of Enterprise Case Management (ECM) software to government and public sector organizations. The two companies identified a natural fit between what they were providing to their customers some time back, realized that working together would deliver new synergies, and their partnership agreement has gone from strength to strength since then. Over 20 Kana customers are already integrating Datactics’ Single View of Customer (SVC) solution with Kana ECM to bring together disparate information about customers and provide a single view of all interactions. Not only does this provide Kana’s customers with a holistic view of their customers which they can use to drive efficiencies and generate cost savings, customers  themselves receive a far more ‘personalized’ and effective response.


Founded in 1994, Kana has built a fierce reputation in providing its Enterprise Case Management solution to government and the wider public sector. By linking front and back office applications, Kana ECM enables front line workers to access back office processes, and therefore resolve customers’ queries on the spot without having to refer the query, and lose control of the outcome. As a simple example, if a citizen rings in to report that their refuse has not been collected, the case worker handling the query is able to access a series of user friendly screens and well tested scripts to investigate the issue and provide the answer immediately.

Within Kana ECM, the ‘case’ could be the query itself, the street from which refuse was not collected, the address the citizen is calling from or the driver of the refuse collection vehicle – or the resident making the call. Now imagine a scenario where this same citizen has previously been the subject of complaints because he has a ferocious dog which won’t let refuse collection operatives enter the premises to retrieve bins. Or he is elderly and entitled to benefits which he is failing to claim. There could be a perfect opportunity not only to resolve the initial query, but to add value to the call. This is precisely where Datactics SVC solution comes in.


Datactics SVC is the perfect module to complement Kana’s Enterprise Case Management solution since it enables end users to avoid duplication and potential confusion caused by different systems being integrated within the ECM solution. Data can be imported from many different silos, standardized, cleansed and deduplicated and then fuzzy matched to a high degree of accuracy as stipulated by the customer. So, for example, if a citizen’s name has been transcribed from a foreign language and there are different spelling variations across various databases, or the name has been spelt incorrectly as the result of a manual inputting error, SVC has the power to recognize that this is one and the same person.

Datactics SVC is highly valued because it can be used not just to search by customer name, it's also highly valuable if you need to sort by data held under different organizational names or data stored globally using different character sets. This is a very powerful tool which forms a natural fit with our own solution to add real benefit for the end user and their own customers.

- Phil Murray, Executive Vice President, Kana

‘We very much appreciate Datactics as a flexible and supportive partner and are delighted to be working with them. In our opinion, no other provider can match Datactics in this area, and this partnership is enabling us to offer a more comprehensive service to our customers with a solution that delivers immediate benefits.’

- Phil Murray, Kana

We are delighted to be working in partnership with Kana who are clear market leaders in their field. Our products dovetail seamlessly, which has enabled us to enhance the offer to Kana's customers. We enjoy an open and honest relationship with Kana which enables us to forge ahead with new solutions that bring benefits to everyone involved.

- Jon Brooks, Former CEO of Datactics


Perhaps one of the biggest benefits of the partnership for Kana has been the capacity to integrate Datactics SVC within Kana’s own service offer as a rapidly deployable out-of-the box solution. In many cases, the solution can be up and running, and enabling a revenue stream, within a matter of weeks.

Datactics works with a range of partners to deliver best value to end users. Jon Brooks explains, ‘‘We are happy to start off on a small scale with our partners so that their end users can see for themselves the immediate and positive impact our tools have on their business. They can then upgrade, via their own provider, to an enterprise license as required. This makes for completely safe option for our customers in terms of their reputation among their own customers.’’