John H. Lunn

Cost effective data quality as a service


John H. Lunn (Jewellers) Ltd is a family business  with over 50 years experience selling fine diamonds, beautiful jewellery and luxury watches. They carry many of the world’s most famous brands, such as, Rolex, Patek Philippe, Cartier, Chopard and Mikimoto. It’s ethos of excellence in quality, service and value has resulted in an undisputed reputation and a loyal clientele.


With the customer at the heart of every business operation, Lunn’s recognized there was an emerging data quality issue with its database containing over 40,000 client records. A combination of client mobility and typographical errors had resulted in variations in format and structure, as well as inaccurate, missing or duplicated data. Poor quality data had a ‘domino effect’ upon its business activities, prompting less effective targeted marketing campaigns, higher costs for returned mail, poor client communications and lost revenue opportunities.

The challenge was to produce a database filled with accurate customer data and enriched with valuable fields such as country and postcodes to help create better targeted marketing campaigns.

It was important for Lunn’s that every aspect of our customer’s experience was one of feeling valued, whether it be within our stores or through our literature. I was extremely happy with the service, and the timing of the project was excellent. The project was managed professionally from beginning to end taking into account our requirements and producing the results in a very timely way. The service was versatile allowing Lunn’s to redefine its requirements, which in return delivered the best results.

- Ann Crombie, Company Accountant John H. Lunn (Jewellers) Ltd


Datactics was selected for its expertise and breadth  of innovative solutions which addressed the complexity and diversity of poor data quality.

Following initial discussions and analysis of their data, it was agreed that Datactics professional services best suited Lunn’s requirements. This consultative service allows the client to acquire expert knowledge and utilize Datactics technology, one of the most powerful and flexible data quality solution available to cleanse, match and merge customer data at an attractive price.

Duplicated records are merged together using a strategy that suppresses and creates a new ‘best of breed’ record from the ‘best’ amalgamated information from each cluster to make the ‘golden record’.

At all times data was treated in a confidential manner and never compromised, only enriched with the addition of title, postcode and country information where appropriate.


As a result of this work, Lunn’s were able to:

  • Create more effective targeted marketing campaigns
  • Keep marketing and mailing costs to a minimum by conducting highly accurate and focused campaigns
  • Improve client satisfaction through high quality and relevant communications.