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Established over 250 years ago, Carter Jonas is the UK-headquartered property consultancy dedicated to balancing its distinguished history with the adoption of cuting-edge technology to ensure continued excelence in customer service.

In recent years, Carter Jonas has grown rapidly through a series of acquisitions which has broadened its customer base, Its range of services and the regions in which it operates.


Our mission for IT is to enable the integration of the businesses we’ve acquired, consolidate customer intelligence from across the company and make it to available to all staff. In this way, we can identify appropriate cross-selling opportunities, continually improve customer experience and ultimately strengthen customer loyalty.

- , IT Director, Carter Jones


Easy Data Integration
FlowDesigner makes it easy to quickly on-board data, in various formats and quality levels, from systems at newly acquired companies as well as a wide range of internal systems.

Unparalleled Data Accuracy
Using FlowDesigner, Carter Jonas created a rigorous automated onboarding, cleansing, deduplication and validation workflow to ensure that the data thats fuels its CRM Microsoft Dynamics, is of the highest quality in terms of accuracy and completeness.

Continuous Data Quality
FlowDesigner ensures ongoing levels of data quality as opposed to a one-off consulting project where the quality of information decays rapidly.

Complete Data Transparency
Carter Jonas can view the data at any given stage of the workflow so if there’s a problem, they can quickly identify where it’s happening and fix it there and then.

FlowDesigner seamlessly integrates with our CRM system, Microsoft Dynamics, to import new sources of customer data. We make use of its matching capabilities to de-duplicate records and add new information which is a key challenge for us given our varied internal data sources.

- Michael Harris, Business Intelligence Analyst, Carter Jonas


The result is that FlowDesigner helps us maintain a pristine enterprise-wide customer database that we can rely on and is flexible enough to allow our business intelligence team to meet our evolving business needs.

- Michael Harris, Business Intelligence Analyst, Carter Jonas


Faster Processing Speed
FlowDesigner reduced a 3day, 600+ step manual process using Excel into a 1hour fully automated, transparent workflow.

Enterprise-wide Customer Intelligence
700+ front-line staff members are armed with accurate, complete and timely customer information and have the ability to access and contribute to the firm’s consolidated customer intelligence.

Improved Customer Experienceand Increased Sales Revenues
Derived from the ability to identify appropriate cross-selling and upselling opportunities and providing customers with a targeted, coordinated and professional service.

''FlowDesigner is a robust, intuitive yet flexible tool that can be used effectively by those with even the most basic data-handling experience.''

- Michael Harris, Business Intelligence Analyst, Carter Jonas