Plug and play data quality and matching for citizen data


Equiniti Data Services has over 25 years’ experience in identity verification, customer tracing, mortality screening and data enrichment services. In particular, it runs large scale tracing programmes using sophisticated business analytics to return unclaimed assets, such as shares to their rightful owners. This means that Equiniti Data Services clients, including many FTSE 100 PLCs, keep their share registers up-to-date, improving data quality and reducing costs associated with operations, such as the distribution of annual company reports.


It is estimated that between £15 and £20bn of assets lie unclaimed in the UK including shares and dividends, pensions, life assurance and national savings. Equiniti Data Services specialises in asset reunification and content specialists work with a wide variety of datasets to locate and return these unclaimed assets to their owners. These datasets exist in a variety of structured and unstructured formats. Equiniti required a data quality engine that was plug and play with existing workflow and the client’s master data management Oracle database. Since Equiniti has a dataset that contains many millions of citizen records performance in data standardization, cleansing and matching was a major challenge. Data analysts required an intuitive interface that allows data analysts to build powerful solutions without coding.


The decision to use Datactics was made after a short proof-of-concept study using real client name and address data. Datactics’ flagship product, FlowDesigner, ran in parallel with existing systems, allowing both outputs to be compared to measure the quality of client data and accuracy of matching and speed of processing. Equiniti liked the agile nature of FlowDesigner which could be run equally well on powerful laptops or server hardware.

Datactics was considered to be easy to use, with Equiniti Data Services data content specialists being able to build sophisticated matching logic without the need for software programming. Another notable benefit of FlowDesigner, was its powerful in-memory engine which is becoming a key component of Equiniti Data Services’ expanding big data solution.

Equiniti has further plans to implement a new preanalytics layer using Datactics FlowDesigner that will on-board, profile and cleanse ‘big’ client files (made up of millions of records) before matching against third party sources, such as name and address data, national registers and social media. This will help to automate a predominantly manual matching process and vastly improve the speed and accuracy of Equiniti Data Services match rate, enabling resources to be freed for expert analysts to conduct further research in more detail.

Datactics provided us with a fast and scalable solution that integrated easily with our existing workflows and was implemented in a matter of weeks. Equiniti Data Services is constantly on-boarding large volumes of citizen data. Fast and efficient standardisation of this data is vital to our business.

- Duncan Stevens, Managing Director Equiniti Data Services


  • Straightforward importing and normalisation of various data formats
  • Intuitive and versatile interface for project development by content specialists
  • Seamless integration with third party tools (QAS)
  • Greater control of data with regards to cleansing and parsing in order to maximise matching
  • Maximisation of match results via customisable fuzzy match rules and extendable transformation library
  • Provides a pre-analytics layer to upstream reporting and analysis applications
  • Easily integrated with existing business processes and infrastructure