High performance LEI matching with out of the box configuration


CounterpartyLink (CPL) provides specialist global legal entity and counterparty data, collected and maintained direct from source with processes designed to be consistent with the stringent standards required by today’s risk management and regulatory compliance requirements. The company provides detailed information on legal entities in more than 200 jurisdictions, using primary sources and registration documents.  All data is collected and verified using rigorous quality-assurance procedures and is continually updated for corporate actions and other events affecting the data.


With the widespread adoption of MiFID legal entity identifiers (LEI) regulations CPL faced significant limitations in time and accuracy for existing manual or database operations for data matching and research. CPL required a robust and intuitive data cleansing and matching engine to match, validate and integrate the financial industry LEI’s to CPL’s database of over 350,000 entities – refreshing every entity on a daily basis with the updates from 15+ LOU’s.

CPL calculated that up to 25% of entities undergo change to their key compliance data each year and CPL ensures its’ clients of global banks and financial institutions receive accurately maintained reports on their counterparties. The engine needed to integrate easily with existing workflow, show a strong ROI and to be implemented and maintained by company staff who were data analysts and not programmers.


Following on from a short proof of concept Datactics installed its FlowDesigner engine in the distributed CPL data processing environment which enabled users working on data in three countries to build and share complex projects quickly and easily. As part of the project CPL data analysts, who were not programmers, built sophisticated data scrubbing and fuzzy matching logic which integrated with CPL’s existing entity data workflow in days rather than weeks or months.  The project was implemented so rapidly that CPL has already expanded the use of Datactics to further enhance this critical maintenance service, including additional uses for data relating to FATCA, Dodd Frank and KYC.

CPL is constantly researching more than 1,000 government registries and regulators and this colossal task requires fast and efficient identification of change in source documentation. Datactics has vastly improved the speed of our matching capability and this is vital to our business. This easy-to-use software has enabled us to accelerate and simplify many core tasks.

- Carl Needham, CPL’s Director of Operations


  • High performance matching and data quality engine for 2m+ counterparty data set
  • Datactics system ships with pre-configured financial industry regulations and rules
  • Attractively priced software product with strong ROI
  • Easy to integrate with existing workflows and business processes