How Datactics can help Santa with his Data Quality Issues



Yes of course Santa has data quality issues! Everyone has data quality issues. In this article we outline how Datactics software can help Santa improve the efficiency of his pre-Christmas operations and have a stress free Christmas Eve delivery and a relaxing Christmas Day.


DQ Firewall, REST API, DQ Remediation

Datactics provides a REST API interface and “Data Quality Firewall” to allow import of data from OCR software that has scanned the children’s letters and guarantees the quality of data entering the data store. Records passing DQ criteria are automatically allowed through to Santa, while records failing DQ checks are quarantined where they can be reviewed interactively by Santa’s Elves in the Master Record Manager:


Oh dear! Did Ellie ask for a Barbie House or a Barbie Horse? Not to worry – the Record is in quarantine and will be reviewed by an Elf who knows Ellie and can find out what she wanted.

SVC – Single View of Child

Managing vast quantities of historical Personally Identifiable Information (PII) on his data servers in Lapland is a difficult task, but Datactics can help create a Single View of Child from the disparate data silos, normalising the data and creating a golden record for each child. This ensures that presents aren’t duplicated and more importantly prepares him for compliance with GDPR in 2018.

Address Validation

The last thing Santa wants on Christmas Eve when he’s delivering to a few billion houses is to go to the wrong address, it wastes time and risks a potential present mix up. Fortunately, Datactics makes it easy to validate the children’s addresses against databases such as the Post Code Address File (PAF) and Capscan so Santa knows he’s going to the right place before he sets out.


Screening Against the Naughty List

This is not as simple as it may sound because you have to get it right or someone is going to be very upset. But using the established techniques Datactics has developed for KYC & AML screening against Politically Exposed Persons etc. Santa can screen against The Naughty List with confidence


Merry Christmas from everyone at Datactics!

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