Announcing DQM v2016.11.09

Datactics is happy to announce release v2016.11.09 of Data Quality Manager (DQM) with some exciting new features:

  • Replaced sequential daisy chaining of solution items with parallel processing and branching in a tree-like fashion (although strictly speaking it’s not a tree – it’s a “directed acyclic graph¹”!
  • Added custom tables to allow users to create their own custom tables for storing result sets and driving iterative operations.
  • Added ability to clone DQM solution items within a solution and import items from another solution.
  • and many more

(1) A Directed Acyclic Graph (DAG) is commonly used in mathematics and computer science to describe a directed graph with no path, composed of various vertices and edges. In another way, the DAG is a directed graph with a topological ordering – a sequence of vertices in such a way that each edge is conducted from earlier to later in the sequence.’’

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